000025499 - AXM 6.02 - aserver does not recover after an sql database-initiated failover

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Article Number000025499
Applies ToAXM Server 6.0.2
Microsoft Windows 2003
microsoft sql in failover configuration
IssueAXM 6.02 - aserver does not recovering after an sql database-initiated failover
The authorization server is not recovering after a database-initiated failover. The JDBC connection is going into a questionable/dead state after initiating the failover.  The only way to recover is to stop and restart all AXM services

This can be caused by an incorrect configuration.

For an sql failover configuration to work, the default settings for several parameters in AXM conf files must be changed:


1. Edit Sql.conf


cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.idletimeout :10000

cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.retrycount : 300

cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.retryinterval : 3000

cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.retryfailuremode :soft

cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.keepalive :true

The following parameters should be left commented out so that they use the default values.

#cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.maxconnections :

#cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.maxconnections :

#cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.defaulttimeout :

#cleartrust.data.sql.server.mssql.connection.reclaimconnections :false

2. Edit aserver.conf



3. Restarted the Access manager Servers

4. Confirmed I can log into the RKM Administration Console

5. Stop the SQL Server. Wait for around 2 minutes.

           Try now to log into the Administration GUI. This fails as expected.

6. Start the SQL Server

7. Wait for around 2 minutes (since cleartrust.aserver.cache.time_to_live = 1 minute).

               NOTE: This is important because the previous attempt failed and will be cached.

8. You should now be able to successfully log into admingui console.

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