000016899 - AxM 6.1.4 - aserver down email notifications do not work

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Article Number000016899
Applies ToAny version of AxM 6.1.4 on any platform
AxM 6.1.4 - aserver down email notifications do not work

After populating the required parameters for email notifications in the dispatcher.conf to notify a selected user when the aserver goes down, those minimum settings, for example:
...and restarting AxM, no mail notifications are sent when the aserver is taken offline.
Your smtp mailhost must be defined as either an mx record in DNS, or with the alias mailhost in the local hosts file.
First, check to see if an MX record is defined in DNS by doing the following lookup.  This example demonstrates on unix, but the exact same procedure can be run from the c:\ for windows verbatim.
bash-2.05# nslookup
Default Server:  mydnsserver.mydomain.com
> set q=mx
> mydomain.com
Server:  mydnsserver.mydomain.com
mydomain.com preference = 10, mail exchanger = mymailhost.mydomain.com
cindysworld.com nameserver = mydnsserver.mydomain.com
mymailhost.mydomain.com   internet address =
mydnsserver.mydomain.com        internet address =
If you do not have an mx record in DNS, you can add an smtp mailhost in the following format to the local hosts file (/etc/hosts on unix or c:\program files\system32\drives\etc on windows) until such time as the MX record is added:    mymailhost.mydomain.com mailhost.mydomain.com mailhost
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