000013636 - AXM - Groups do not display in admingui after selecting a 'Display' value from the pulldown

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Article Number000013636
Applies ToCleartrust 5.5.3
Win 2003 Server SP1
Active Directory datastore
The 5.5.3 cleartrust server was migrated from cleartrust 5.01
IssueAXM - Groups do not display in admingui after selecting a "Display" value from the pulldown

To see the problem in admingui:

Select "Manage Users" ->"User Groups" ->"Manage Existing"->Show All

All groups will display properly

Then select "Display" and select any number from the pulldown, 5, 10, 20 or 30  then "go"

You will no longer be able to see any groups. 


The following exception will appear in the the debug log when running eserver.bat in debug mode:

# ClearTrust Entitlements Server
# Version 5.5.3 (Build 2650)
# Date:   Wed Aug 13 17:58:57 EDT 2008
# Java:   1.4.2_12 / Sun Microsystems Inc.
# System: test@, running Windows 2003 on x86
# Active Debug Facilities: [ddebug_full]
 at sirrus.da.ldap.util.LDAPAbstractSearchDeferredLoadList.getNextObjectKey(LDAPAbstractSearchDeferredLoadList.java:253)
 at sirrus.da.util.AbstractKeyedObjectDeferredLoadList.fetchNextObject(AbstractKeyedObjectDeferredLoadList.java:72)
 at sirrus.da.util.AbstractDeferredLoadList.loadObjectsToIndex(AbstractDeferredLoadList.java:346)
 at sirrus.da.util.AbstractDeferredLoadList.get(AbstractDeferredLoadList.java:499)
 at sirrus.api.command.read.search.GetInSearchRangeOfObjsCmd.execute(GetInSearchRangeOfObjsCmd.java:101)
 at sirrus.api.command.APICmdStrategy.executeCmd(APICmdStrategy.java:235)
 at sirrus.api.command.APICmdStrategy.executeOn(APICmdStrategy.java:113)
 at sirrus.util.strategy.StrategyManager.executeStrategyFor(StrategyManager.java:140)
 at sirrus.api.server.APIClientProxy.executeCmd(APIClientProxy.java:1243)
 at sirrus.api.server.APIClientProxy.run(APIClientProxy.java:981)


eserver.log shows the following exception:

EDT,conn=603,op=140,eventID=ac107d4015e112184890860592166,messageID=913,ip=,uname=admin,msg=Get group search results by range,msgtype=READ,result=5,etime=0ms,exception=java.lang.NullPointerException,filter=<no criteria>,start=0,end=11 sequence_number=15,2008-08-13 12:42:14:65

CauseTwo parameters that were introduced during the 5.5.3 lifecycle were missing in the eserver.conf: cleartrust.eserver.cache.enabled and cleartrust.eserver.cache.search_result.enabledThe default value for these two parameters is true.   If the values are not present in the eserver.conf, they will pick up the default value. 

 Add the two values to the eserver.conf, set the values to "false" and restart the eserver


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