000015231 - AxM 6.X - Aserver hook logging example

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Article Number000015231
Applies ToRSA Access Manager 6.x
IssueAxM 6.1 - Aserver hook logging example

In the example below exemplifies printing to the log when a certain amount of time is exceeded - for example, 5 seconds.


You could add a parameter  "cleartrust.aserver.hook_logging_enabled=true" to  determine when to trigger loging.


NOTE: This example is limited to logging, and not based on debug log levels.


//In aserver.conf add



import java.util.Properties;

import java.util.Date;

import java.util.Calendar;

import sirrus.runtime.*;

import sirrus.util.hook.HookEvent;

import sirrus.util.hook.HookListener;

import sirrus.util.hook.HookListenerException;

import sirrus.util.hook.HookManager;

import sirrus.util.hook.RuntimeAPIHookEvent;

import sirrus.util.hook.TokenManagerHookEvent;

import sirrus.logging.LogEventDispatcher;

import sirrus.logging.common.GenericLogEvent;


               Properties cfg = HookManager.getConfigurationProperties(); 

                private boolean bLogging = false;             

                private final String HOOK_LOGGING_ON = "cleartrust.aserver.hook_logging_enabled";


                String logging = cfg.getProperty(HOOK_LOGGING_ON); 

                                if(logging != null && logging.equalsIgnoreCase("true"))


                                        bLogging = true;


                 timeStart = new Date();




                        logEvent("Starting hook " + timeStart ); 



                // do the same for the end hook,  what ever format you want , also calculate the time spent in hook





public void logEvent(String eventMsg)


                             GenericLogEvent event = GenericLogEvent.getGenericLogEvent(); 

                             event.setLogInfo("Authorize", eventMsg); 



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