000012616 - Appliance quick setup fails during test start

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Article Number000012616
Applies ToAuthentication Manager Express 1.0 (AMX)
IssueAppliance quick setup fails during test start
config_trace.log shows: 

ERROR - Main Thread - command.InstallKeysAndLicenseCmd - Bootstrap License Failure: 
com.rsa.common.DuplicateDataException: License is already in use
    at com.rsa.ims.license.dal.sql.LicenseAccessSQL.installLicense(LicenseAccessSQL.java:228)
    at com.rsa.license.tools.InstallBootstrapLicense$1.run(InstallBootstrapLicense.java:427)
    at com.rsa.tools.common.ConnectionManager4CLI$1.doInTransaction(ConnectionManager4CLI.java:449)
    at org.springframework.transaction.support.TransactionTemplate.execute(TransactionTemplate.java:130)
    at com.rsa.tools.common.ConnectionManager4CLI.doInTransaction(ConnectionManager4CLI.java:446)
    at com.rsa.tools.common.ConnectionManager4CLI.doInTransaction(ConnectionManager4CLI.java:427)
    at com.rsa.license.tools.InstallBootstrapLicense.installLicense(InstallBootstrapLicense.java:424)
    at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.command.InstallKeysAndLicenseCmd.bootstrapSingleLicense(InstallKeysAndLicenseCmd.java:259)
    at com.rsa.installfwrk.config.command.InstallKeysAndLicenseCmd.bootstrapMultipleLicenses(InstallKeysAndLicenseCmd.java:226)
Causethe license zippfile is incorrect, and contains more than one .xml file
Resolutionhave production make sure the customer can download a license zipfile that only contains a single .xml file, and that it is the proper file.
WORKAROUND:  If the customer cannot wait for this to be fixed, take the zipfile and extract all of the files from it. Find the oldest .xml file that contains the complete information, and discard the other zipfiles.   Make a new zipfile that contains all remaining files (NOT in a directory)
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