000012692 - AM7.1 Scripting or Scheduling backups

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Article Number000012692
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 7.1  SP2  (note: SP2 and SP3 are no longer covered under Primary support, please upgrade to at least SP4)
Windows 2003
Issuehow can a backup be scheduled schedule script

Authentication Manager 7.1 has the ability to do a database backup through the WebGUI, and also using the manage-backups utility.   The current version (SP2)  it doesn't include the ability to schedule backups to happen automatically, A Request for Enhancement for a supported version has been requested for a future service pack.  The RSA Appliance 3.0 with SP3 now includes the ability to schedule a backup through the GUI, but this is currently not available in the software version of AM7.1 SP3 .

The supported methods continue to be using either the WebGUI or manually using the manage-backups utility. If a scheduled backup  is needed, you can consider examining this UNSUPPORTED SAMPLE batch file, to build and test your own application AT YOUR OWN RISK.   Please note, this is just a SAMPLE provided for customer convenience and examination,  you are NOT permitted to use this sample in any test or production environment.   All custom coding needs to be done by RSA Professional Services, as RSA  Support cannot provide  ANY custom coding,  ANY support for your own custom code, or ANY support for this sample. RSA Security cannot support this in ANY manner, and is not responsible for any resulting effects it may have on your system.  This has only been tested in a very limited manner to create files,  and NO testing has been done to see if any backup files created by this method are useable, functional, or correct.

 A Request for Enhancement for a supported version has been requested for a future service pack.  If you need a supported method before this may become available, please contact RSA Professional Services to build an application to fit your needs.  


This SAMPLE is only provided for customer reference, and RSA Security cannot provide ANY support beyond providing the sample, and is not responsible for anything that happens to your system.  

On the test system, a directory called c:\backups already existed on the local file system (this MUST be done to a local drive, not any kind of remote drive) , and the batch file was put into the directory. The -m is followed by the Master Password. The rsautil command must be run as the login that originally installed the product.

echo on
cd "C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager\utils"
call rsaenv 
rsautil manage-backups -a export -f c:\backups\backup1.dmp -m Password123! 

Please note, this does not backup RADIUS. In an environment that includes RADIUS, you will need to stop the RADIUS Service, and back up the RADIUS Directory. The RADIUS Service can be restarted after the backup completes.


 The RSA Appliance 3.0 SP3 includes the ability to schedule backups through the WebGUI, which will also back up RADIUS.

RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 (non-appliance) SP3 and later includes an update, to not require the Master Password as part of the manage-backups command in a script.  After you have done one backup by the command-line, including supplying the master Password, you can disable the requirement for a password in the script with the:

rsautil manage-backups --action disable-pwd-prompt

command, but you will be prompted to supply the Master Password after issuing this command. This needs to be done while logged in as the person who did the original installation. Please see the AM7.1 SP3 documentation for details.   Note: SP3 is no longer covered under Primary support, SP4 includes the update.

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