000011954 - AM7.1 Cannot start the database

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Article Number000011954
Applies ToSecurID Appliance 3.0
Authentication Manager 7.1

In sqlplus ,

Alter database mount

alter database mount

Error at line 1:

ORA-00214: control file

'/usr/local/RSASecurity/RSAAuthe../db/oradata/(instance)/control01.ctl' version 8536 inconsistent with file

in sqlplus, startup mount includes message:

'/usr/local/RSASecurity/RSAAuthe../db/oradata/(instance)/control01.ctl' version 8536 inconsistent with file

CauseOne or more control files were corrupted, possibly from a power outage.

Run  a backup, if possible. Shutdown the database.

There are three control files, named control01.ctl control02.ctl control03.ctl , whichever control file is NOT mentioned in the errors, consider this to be the best candidate, assume for this example that control03.ctl is not mentioned. Go to the directory that lists the control files, and copy control03.ctl to init.ora

Make sure you are logged in as the RSA Install user (probably not root)

from (RSAHome)/utils
. ./rsaenv     (notice it starts with dot-space-dot-slash)
./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.db.root.password    
it will ask for a Password, supply the Master Password. It will return the password for the 'sys' user.

-bash-3.00$ ./sqlplus sys/"encrypted password" as sysdba
sql> shutdown immediate;
sql> startup nomount;
sql> recover database;  
sql> shutdown immediate;
sql> exit

Start the services 

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