000012437 - Set Open Files Hard Limit for a Web-Tier server

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Article Number000012437
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager Web Tier
RSA Authentication Manager 8.X
Red Hat Enterprise Linux, RHEL RHEL4 RHEL5
IssueSet Open Files Hard Limit for a Web-Tier server
Installation of Web Tier software fails
ResolutionThe AM8.X setup guide procedure includes instructions:
"On Linux systems, verify that the open files hard limit for the local user is at least 4096."
but does not include information on how to check or change it.

See the documenmtation for your linux installation for specific details. A generic overview of the topic is below, adapted from :

"Each user has per-user file descriptor limits. It includes soft and hard limits. hard limit is the absolute limit, user can set its soft limit freely to any value up to hard limit (use command: ulimit -n xxxx). Per-user limit defaults to 1024. Only root can increase the hard limit.

To change this you can add a line similar to the one below to your file:  
userxyz hard nofile 65536 "
NotesSome examples of the /etc/security/limits.conf file  from internal RSA lab systems

AM8.0 and AM8.1 servers (not Web Tier) includes by default:  
rsaadmin hard nofile 4096

RHEL6.4  included only commented samples by default, no entries are set

RSA Appliance 3.0.4  (rPath Linux) includes:  
rsaadmin hard nofile 65536  

Only root should set the file. Make sure the file ends in a new line.
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