000012438 - Commit overflow nuggets to IPDB

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Article Number000012438
Applies ToenVision 3.5.x
enVision 3.7.x
NIC Packager
NIC Logger
NIC Collector
IssueTo commit data in nugget form that has overflowed from the default nuggets location into the IPDB
Incoming new nuggets written to the %_envision%\tmp\nuggets subdirectory on e:
Default nuggets directory is full, new nuggets written to overflow location
Events collected but missing from the IPDB
Caused: full due to other service errors (particularly NIC Packager) on system, or lack of available diskspace on external storage to commit data to

This article applies to enVision versions 3.5.x and 3.7.x only. For an article relevant to 4.0.0 see article a43662

By default the NIC Collector and NIC Logger services use d:\tmp to store their nuggets prior to being handled by the NIC Packager and committed to the IPDB. The NIC Packager reads *.nug files from this same location and commits them into the IPDB (Internet Protocol DataBase). Should this drive become full, the NIC Collector and NIC Logger will start writing to e:\%_enVision%\tmp instead, to minimise incoming data loss. The NIC Packager is not configured by default to read from this overflow location.

Once the original issue is corrected (whatever the cause), the overflowed nuggets will need committing to the IPDB.

The process for this is as follows:

First check if the d:\ has available disk space again, indicating that the NIC Packager has processed the backlog of outstanding nuggets, then restart the NIC Collector and NIC Logger services. This will cause them to start writing to d:\tmp again (if they are not already doing so).

Do NOT restart any other NIC Services at this time.

Right click on My Computer and select Properties.

Click on the Advanced tab.

Click on the Environment Variables button.

In the System Variables box one of the entries will read:

__TMP D:\tmp

Click on this variable, and then click Edit to modify it.

Change the entry to read:

__TMP E:\%_envision%\tmp

Click OK, then OK.

Restart the NIC Packager service.

The situation you will now have, is the NIC Packager processing uncommitted nuggets from the e:\%_envision\tmp, and the NIC Collector and NIC Logger writing new nuggets (which also will not be committed at this time) to the d:\tmp. Keep an eye on the size of the e:\%_envision%\tmp directory (in particular the nuggets subdirectory) and once the backlog is cleared you will need to change the variable back to D:\tmp again. Once the variable is changed back, the NIC Packager will need restarting again, and the newly created backlog on the d:\tmp directory will be cleared down and committed to the database.

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