000012258 - How to set GPO password on DLP Agent

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Article Number000012258
Applies ToApplies to ALL DLP Agents running DLP 8.x through 9.0; Applies ONLY to Datacenter Agents running DLP 9.5; Does NOT apply to Endpoint Enforce Agents running DLP 9.5
IssueNeed to set GPO password on DLP Agent
Site Coordinator cannot connect to the Agent system. Task is not being sent to the Agent
Messages.log on Site Coordinator indicates that connection to this Agent was 'actively refused'.
Messages.log on Agent system indicates 'invalid login attempt'
CauseAgent's GPO password does not match the GPO password in the configuration.
ResolutionSet GPO password as follows:
1) Determine correct GPO password for the Agent in question from the Enterprise Manager user interface.
    For Endpoint Agents, the GPO password can be found in the Endpoint Group configuration page 
    For Scan Agents, this information is found in the Agent or Grid scan configuration's 'Optional Settings -> Agent Settings' page.
2) Connect to the Agent host system, open an administrative command prompt and navigate to the directory where the Longarm.V8.Agent.exe resides.
     The directory is typically: C:\Program Files\RSA\Discovery\Agent
3) Issue the following command:  is the 36 character GPO password that you found in step #1 above.
    For example:  Longarm.v8.agent.exe -setPassword 1234567890abcdefghigklmnopqrstuvwxyz
4) Once the GPO password has been set to match the configuration, the Site Coordinator should be able to reach out and connect to the Agent.
    Once that occurs the Site Coordinator will then change the password from the initial GPO password to the Internal password and from that point on all communications will be
    done using the Internal password. Please be patient as it may take a few polling cycles for the Site Coordinator to reach out, connect, change the password and begin pushing
    the required Task(s), dependencies and other required files.

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