000015793 - AM 7.1- Error 'DATA_NOT_FOUND' When viewing associated users of a radius profile

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Article Number000015793
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 7.1 on all supported platforms
Appliance 3.0
Radius Profiles
IssueWhen an administrator tries to display the associated users of a radius profile, the following error is generated:

" There was a problem processing your request.
CauseThis is caused if a user from an external Identity source assigned to the Radius profile is no longer part of the Identity source. The user has been removed from the directory.
ResolutionTo resolve the issue an Identity Source cleanup must be done. It's recommended that you run a report first to identify the users missing from the Identity source prior to running the cleanup.

 Running the Report:
- Log on to the Security Console.
- From the Top menu select Reporting/Reports/Add New
- Select the Report "Users and User Groups Missing from Identity Source"
- Fill out the criteria, not forgetting to choose an Identity Source and run the report.

Review the results and verify the users are truly removed from the directory.

 Running the Cleanup Process:

a) If running  Authentication Manager 7.1 SP4

  - Log on the Security Console.
  - From the top menu select Setup/Identity Sources/Clean Up Unresolvable Users
  - Select the External Identity Source and set the Grace Period
  - Complete the Clean Up process.

b) If running Authentication Manager 7.1 Pre-SP4

  - Log on the Security Console
  - From the top menu select Setup/Component Configuration/General
  - Check the Option "Synchronize with Identity Sources
  - Fill out the Criteria to run the Job and run the Cleanup. (NOTE: Once the Job Completes, Make sure you Disable the Synchronization with Identity Sources)

 To view the Associated users with the Radius Profile, log off and log back in the Security Console and ensure all cached objects are flushed. To Flush cache, follow these steps:

- Log on to the Operations Console
- From the Home Page choose 'Maintenance/Flush Cache'.
- Flush All Cache Objects.

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