000014237 - AM 7.1.X/APP 3.0.X: Web Browser displays 'Error 403 --- Forbidden message' when accessing the Self-Service Console

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Article Number000014237
IssueAM 7.1.X/APP 3.0.X: Customizing Token Graphics for the RSA Self-Service Console
web browser displays 'Error 403 --- Forbidden message' when accessing the Self-Service Console after customizing Token Graphics in the RSA Self-Service console
CauseWAR files (console-ucm.war, console-selfservice.war & console-troubleshoot.war) were incorrectly built after adding token graphics

Please ensure the WAR files have a structure as show below in diagram 1.a60744 and not any additional folders at the top-level (a common mistake when creating a WAR file).


diagram 1.a60744:


Directory of C:\sandbox\unzip\console-ucm


26/02/2013  11:05 PM    <DIR>          .

26/02/2013  11:05 PM    <DIR>          ..

24/02/2013  05:37 PM    <DIR>          common

02/12/2011  03:38 PM             5,652 customError.jsp

18/06/2010  03:38 PM             1,508 dhtmlExpandable.jsp

18/06/2010  03:38 PM             3,825 EditMenuRequest.jsp

01/12/2011  12:10 PM             1,151 Error.jsp

18/06/2010  03:38 PM             1,846 Home.jsp

24/02/2013  05:37 PM    <DIR>          images

01/12/2011  12:10 PM                29 Index.jsp

02/12/2011  03:38 PM             4,227 Login.jsp

18/06/2010  03:38 PM             1,377 MenuTool.jsp

24/02/2013  05:36 PM    <DIR>          META-INF

01/12/2011  12:10 PM                52 pluginRequest.jsp

24/02/2013  05:37 PM    <DIR>          styles

18/06/2010  03:38 PM             1,121 TokenError.jsp

24/02/2013  05:37 PM    <DIR>          view

24/02/2013  05:37 PM    <DIR>          WEB-INF


For example; the console-ucm folder name should not appear in the WAR file (when unpacked) only the contents of the console-ucm folder. Same applies to console-selfservice.war & console-troubleshoot.war.


Monitoring the AdminServer.log and <hostname>_server.log in the <AMHOME>/server/logs folder when starting RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 services may give indications that the WAR file(s) are incorrectly deployed.


 **where <AMHOME> on a supported Windows platform would be C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager or on a supported UNIX platform /usr/local/RSASecurity/RSAAuthenticationManager **


Should you continue to have problems with the RSA Self-Service Console after altering the WAR files then please revert to the WAR files that were backed up (step 3 of the instructions found on page 282 of the RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 Administrator?s Guide Revision 4) and then contact RSA Customer Support; being prepared to provide your customized WAR files for further troubleshooting.


NOTE: Please have your license information available to open a support request with RSA Customer Support. Platform information and the version/patch information of the RSA Authentication Manager software will also required.

WorkaroundFollowing the steps given on page 282 of the RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 Administrator's Guide (revision 4)
Legacy Article IDa60744