000020066 - Allowing RSA ACE/Server RADIUS to display more attributes in the profile configuration

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Article Number000020066
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 4.1 (no longer supported as of 2-1-2004)
Microsoft Windows
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueAllowing RSA ACE/Server RADIUS to display more attributes in the profile configuration
Not all attributes defined in the RADIUS dictionary are displayed when creating a RADIUS profile in RSA ACE/Server
ResolutionThe attributes available to use in the database administration profile menu of RSA ACE/Server is governed by the file called securidmapfile found in the ACEDATA directory. During the RSA ACE/Server installation process, the RADIUS dictionary is loaded using securidmapfile. To display the attributes required, please use caution amending ACEDATA\securidmapfile and reload the RADIUS dictionary.

NOTE: ACEDATA is the directory where RSA ACE/Server database and configuration fields are located; for example, on Windows, the default path is C:\ace\data

Changing the value in the UserConfig column for the required attributes from 0 to 1 acts to set them to true. The MultiDefined column is for the RADIUS attributes that can be defined with multiple values attributes. Please do not change this column unless you have prior knowledge on these RADIUS attributes.

Here is a sample ACEDATA\securidmapfile:

   #  This is a sample securid mapfile.
   #  In every entry, a 0 indicates 'false', and a 1 indicates 'true'.
   # Attribute        UserConfig        MultiDefined
   User-Name                0                0
   Password                        0                1
   CHAP-Password                1                0
   Client-Id                        1                1
   Acct-Authentic                0                0
   Acct-Delay-Time                0                0
   Acct-Input-Octets         0                0
   Acct-Input-Packets         0                0

NOTE: Attributes set to false when this mapfile is used to reload the RADIUS dictionary will not be visible in the RSA ACE/Server administration profile menu

Please stop all RSA ACE/Server processes before reloading the RSA ACE/Server RADIUS dictionary. See the solution titled How to add a RADIUS dictionary to RSA ACE/Server for instructions on how to load an RSA ACE/Server RADIUS dictionary.

For further information, please refer to the RSA ACE/Server Installation and Administration manuals.
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