000023373 - 'Abort - core dumped' when running 'sdload' with Authentication Manager v6.1.2 on Solaris 10

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Article Number000023373
Applies ToSolaris 10
RSA Authentication Manager 6.1.2 [142]

bash-3.00# ./sdload -s -f /var/tmp/test/sdserv.dmp -k /var/tmp/test/license.rec -m
RSA Authentication Manager 6.1.2 [142] - Load Utility - Copyright (c) 1994-2006 RSA Security Inc.

Using license record: /var/tmp/test/license.rec
Loading: /var/tmp/test/sdserv.dmp
Merge mode enabled.
Abort - core dumped
Aborting procedure

CauseRequired RSA environment variables not set.

Set all the RSA environment variables listed when executing the following file:


To set environment variables, see the following solutions:

How to setenvironment variables for RSAACE/Server and RSA Authentication Manager

Setting up RSA Authentication Manager environment on UNIX for administration and Administration API programs

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