000025620 - 'Error starting SecurID: Class 'com.rsa.securidlib.blackberry.GlobalInfo' mutiply defined'

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Article Number000025620
Applies ToSoftware Token for Blackberry 2.1.1
BlackBerry Models 8830, 8300, 8310

"Error starting SecurID: Class 'com.rsa.securidlib.blackberry.GlobalInfo' mutiply defined"

After installing software token on certain devices, when the application is launched the following error "Error starting SecurID: Class 'com.rsa.securidlib.blackberry.GlobalInfo' mutiply defined" appears on the device.

CauseSoftware token for Blackberry is shipped with two different cod files. When the wrong securID.cod file is installed on a device, the above error appears.

When you download the software token 2.1.1 for BlackBerry, the zip file contains 2 different versions of SecurID.cod and SecurID.jad files. One in the "client" folder and the other in the "full" folder. If you look at the admin.pdf file you will find the following: (Also in Readme.pdf)

Place the SecurID.alx file and the directories full and client on the BES. The two directories contain the COD file and a JAD file. The SecurID.alx file determines the OS version of the device and pushes the appropriate COD file to the particular device. The COD file from the full directory will be installed on BlackBerry models that do not have a SecurID module as a part of firmware. The COD file from the client directory will be installed on devices that have a SecurID module as part of firmware.

If a device is expecting the cod file from Client folder, and if the cod file from full folder is installed on that device, one cannot open the application and the error ?"Class 'com.rsa.securidlib.blackberry.GlobalInfo' mutiply defined" appears on the device.


  1. Download the Desktop Manager 4.3 from www.blackberry.net. You will be able to install the software token on 8830 without any problem. This only confirms that there is nothing wrong with the token application (This is only for testing). RSA Technical support does not recommend using Desktop Manager over BES Server or vice versa.
  2. Try installing software token from BES server. Make sure that your BES server has most updated device.xml file (contact RIM support to obtain the most recent device.xml file) . A recent versions (not necessarily the most recent version) is available at:   https://www.blackberry.com/Desktop/Download/XML/Device.xml 
  3. Make sure that BES server has two folders in RSA software ?full? and ?client?. Example: The BlackBerry Model 8830 is shipped with embedded securID library. Hence, it requires the cod file from ?client folder?.
  4. If you are successful in step 1 and fail in step 2, Installing Software Token 2.1.1 for BlackBerry onCurve 8300download the device software update for the model in question and install the device software update on BES server. Then install software token using BES push.

Note: After replacing the software on BES server, it is required that you re-index the applications.

C:\program files\common files\research in motion\AppLoader\ ---- loader /index --- if the admin puts a NEW Application


-- loader /reindex --- if the admin puts an UPGRADE of an existing application

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