000018176 - ACE/Server will not start; Error: strdup failed errno = 0.

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Article Number000018176
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
Sun Solaris / SPARC
Microsoft Windows
IssueACE/Server will not start; Error: strdup failed errno = 0.
Error: ACESERVER: (14001) AUTHENTICATION : No authentication service. No ACE/Server Back Ends registered.
Error: ACESERVER: (14001) AUTHENTICATION: ACE/Server Error: strdup failed errno = 0.
Hostname of the machine doesn't match what is in DNS or in the sdconf.rec. Verify the hostname that is in the sdconf.rec, look for Master server name. Use the UNIX hostname command to verify the hostname of the server. Perform a forward and reverse lookup of the hostname if you are using DNS in your network, nslookup hostname, nslookup ip_address_of_host.
ResolutionMake sure the hostname of the ACE/Server matches everywhere on your network which includes: localhost file, DNS server, NIS server and the configuration of the ACE/Server.  For example, if the hostname is fully qualified on your DNS server (this can be checked by performing a NSLOOKUP) then you will need to fully qualify the name everywhere else on your network (localhost file, the ACE/Sever configuration, etc...)
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