000020257 - ACE/Server Radius authentication error: 800

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Article Number000020257
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
ACE/Server System parameter set to not allow alphanumeric pin
IssueACE/Server Radius authentication error: 800
Authentication error: 800
ACE/Server Radius debug shows error:
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_receive.cpp(174): Received auth packet
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(416): Attribute 1 Length 6
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(416): Attribute 24 Length 27
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(416): Attribute 2 Length 18
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(1131): Looking in cache.
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(1136): Found data in cache.
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_database.cpp(704): Request ID of received packet 8
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_auth.cpp(392): Authentication error: 800
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_response.cpp(63): Top of response loop.
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_response.cpp(151): Formatting response to packet ID 8
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_response.cpp(71): Response size is 37.
rc//radius/ace_radius/ace_radius_response.cpp(92): Sent 37 bytes
CauseSubmitting an Alphanumeric pin, when the ACE/Server System Parameter do not allow it
ResolutionTo correct this issue, enter a pin that is consistent with ACE/Server System Parameters. Or, edit the ACE/Server System Parameters to Allow Alphanumeric Pins.
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