000011595 - What logs to collect when Radius configuration fails

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Article Number000011595
Applies ToFollowing is a list of logs relating to the configuration of radius.  Depending on the cause of failure some file may not exist.  Review each of the files for errors at the time of configuration.  See below for common conditions and fixes as well as SFTP site to send files to RSA for review. RSA_IMS_HOME is a relative path that can be different on any particular AM installation, depending on the platform and what the installation user specified. use "\" for Windows, replace it with "/" for UNIX/Appliance.  On RSA Appliance 3.x, RSA_IMS_HOME is :



On Windows, do these on the system you are trying to configure for RADIUS: 
ipconfig /all  >  ipcfg.txt  
nslookup   (to the IP Address, NOT the name, of the system)  > nslook.txt 
get the hosts file from:
  c:\windows (or winnt)\system32\drivers\etc\hosts  
as well as  ipcfg.txt   nslook.txt  

On Unix while logged in as root, or appliance when logged in as emcsrv and then sudo su to root: 
/sbin/ifconfig -a > /tmp/ifcfg.txt   
nslookup  (to the IP address, NOT the name of the system)  >  /tmp/nslook/txt 
cp /etc/hosts  >  /tmp 
cp /var/log/messages   > /tmp      (on some UNIXes, the messages file may be something else, such as /var/adm/messages )
chmod 777  /tmp/* 

For all files collected above, RSA needs the UNEDITED and UNFILTERED files. We need copies of the ACTUAL FILES, as just copying and pasting the text in an email can lose important formatting information.

IssueWhat logs to collect when Radius configuration fails
Radius Configuration fails
NotesCommon errors and links to additional articles

Configure Radius from Operations Console shows error: An unknown system error occurred    See AM 7.1- An unknown system error occurred while configuring radius

Configure Radius from Operations Console shows error: Unable to contact the Primary RADIUS Server. See Unable to configure Radius on Replica server

SFTP File to RSA support for review

Log onto https://sftp.rsa.com/human.aspx?username=support&password=Password1&transaction=signon
Upon first logon you will need to install the ?Upload/Download Wizard? component. After installing the ?Upload/Download Wizard? you will see the Distribution/support folder structure.

In the ?Upload Files Now...? section
Select folder as Distribution/support/incoming
Click the link CLICK HERE to Launch the Upload/Download Wizard

In the MOVEit wizard window choose "Add File or Add Folder" and navigate on your local machine.  Once you have selected the files or folders to upload click NEXT.
Choose Upload files individually (default) if one file
Upload all files as one .zip if you have selected multipe files.

Fill in the Notes field with the Case Number and name of the Technical Support Engineer if known.
Click the Next button to upload the file(s).
Click OK after the transfer is complete.



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