000011587 - Disaster recovery - Re-imaging a RC

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Article Number000011587
Applies ToMajor problems with operating system
IssueDisaster recovery - re-imaging a RC

You have major problems with the operating system, and you need to re-image the appliance and re-install RC

If your operating systems runs fine, but only need to restore the database, please see

A36616 - restoring a database backup


A46818 - Using a Dsrv to recover a database


If you need to re-image a D-Srv, please see:

A36716 - Reimaging to recover a master / slave D-Srv
CauseenVision 3.7.x, 4.0.x



  1. Delete the RC node from the Master site it connect to
    1. Login to D-Srv and go to e:\nic\<version>\<nodename>\database\cmd folder
    2. Run the command: delete_site.cmd NIC <sitename>

                                                               i.      Where site name is the sitename of the RC

  1. Re-image RC using the ISO as attached. Install enVision with the same parameters as you have previously set
  2. If you have set up a different passwords for the following users on the RC, please rest them in the Active Directory,WinSSHD and Windows collection service.
    1. Master
    2. Nic_sftp
    3. Nic_sshd
    4. Nic_system

1           Changing the password on the Remote Collector


Since the remote collector is a domain controller, you must change the user password in Active Directory

  1. Log in to the remote collector as master.
  2. Select Start - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers.





  1. In the left pane, click on the plus sign next to the site name and then click on users.





  1. Right click on the user ?master?  and click "Reset Password"






  1. Enter the new password.


  1. If you changed the password for master, log out of the remote collector and ensure that you can successfully log in with the new password. Or lock the screen and unlock.


  1. Repeat steps 1-6 for all three user accounts ( nic_system, nic_sftp, nic_sshd) in the site.
  2. Re-Cache the Password in the services.msc
    1. Start -> Run -> ?Services.msc?
    2. Right click on each NIC_* service that is starting up at NIC_System and choose properties
    3. Select the tab at the top that shows ?Log On?
    4. Reset the password for ./NIC_System and select apply and close
    5. Set all services on each server that start as NIC_System
    6. Stop the NIC_Service manager,
    7. Start the NIC_Service Manager
    8. All services should start up with the new cached password
    9. If the services fail to start, the password is incorrect. See Security log in the event log inside the windows server





  1. Log in to the remote collector as master (using new password).
  2.  Go to Start?Administrative Tools ?WinSSHD Control Panel




  1. New Window will open.




  1. Go to Setting Tab and Click Button ?Clear All ? then click ? OK?




  1. Enter the following information


    • Username: nic_sshd
    • Password : New Password
    • Username: NIC_System
    • Username: NIC_SFTP
  1. It is critical that you enter all accounts into the WIN_SSHD console.



  1. Click ?Set?







5.      Since the RC is Domain Controller, you need to specify the FQDN under the Domain window.

6.      Start and Stop the WIN_SSHD service post making the new cache password



3          Verify Remote Collector Connectivity

Log onto the Remote Collector. Ensure the NIC_Forwader service is not running by using the task manager to see if pi_ls_forwarder.exe is running.


If not, start -> Run -> CMD.

CD %_Envision%\bin


Run ?pi_ls_fowarder.exe ?v? to test transfer. This will verify the NIC_SSHD password has been reset properly.



4          Change NIC System Windows Collection password

Log onto the GUI of the Asrv and browse to System Configuration - > Services - > Device Services - > Windows Service


Click on Manage Windows Domain

Choose *.nic Domains which are the enVision domain itself


Click the domain and change the NIC_System Passwords

The NIC_System should be the account it collects from Always (Not Master)


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