000014055 - Windows collection has stopped working but did work in the past.

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Article Number000014055
Applies ToenVision 3.7.0
IssueFix Windows collection to collect logs from Windows machine that once was working.
Can't collect from Windows devices that once worked

First Verify that the devices are communicating to the enVision server and see if there are any messages in the log using Wintool.

  1. At the cmd prompt change to the e:\nic\%version%\%hostname%\bin folder. Type the following cmd: "wintool -e "show summary; show threads; show list nd 10000" > ..\logs\%COMPUTERNAME%_windows.txt"
  2. This will generate a log under e:\envision\logs folder with the envision host name_windows.txt. Open this file up with notepad:

Examples of a log file:

(See the "wintool -h" for more info)

? WAITING Security Microsoft Windows 2000 ( 900 + ) Tue Feb 20 17:22:30 2007 (No new events) (  Normal)

? UNRESPONSIVE Security Microsoft Windows XP ( 3600 ~ ) Tue Feb 20 18:07:35 2007 (OpenEventLog failed: A required privilege is not held by the client.) (Improper access rights)

? DISABLED System (84600 ~ ) Wed Feb 21 11:37:51 2007 (Unabled to connect to registry: 5 Access is denied.) (remote registry service not running / Improper access rights)

  1. Under manage monitored devices is the Analyze Box checked off for the detected windows server?
  2. If not :

i)        Check the box

ii)       Click Analyze. Without this box you can not analyze any reporting data for this machine.


Second, let?s verify you have the proper rights setup.

  1. Using windows explorer go to e:\nic\%version%\%hostname%\bin folder and run the application runeventvieweras.exe.
  2. Enter an account and password that has admin rights (same account you setup under ?Manage Windows Domains?).
  3. Click on the Event Viewer folder.
  4. Click on the Action menu.
  5. Select ?Connect to remote computer? from the drop down list.
  6. Type in the IP of the server.
  7. Click OK. If it connects try and open each of the logs. If you can view log information this account has the proper access rights.

Third, let?s use Wintool to reset windows collection.  It?s possible these devices had a problem at some point and automatically disabled collection.

  1. At the cmd prompt change to the e:\nic\%version%\%hostname%\bin folder. Type the following cmd: "wintool ?e reset".  When this completes please type ?exit? to disconnect wintool.
  2. Wait a minute or two and see if you have any data coming in through event viewer.


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