000018004 - ACE/Server start operation aborts due to incorrect IPAddress  hostname  or configuration resolution.

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Article Number000018004
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueACE/Server Start fails
Error: "ACE/Server start operation aborted"
CauseIncorrect hostname, IP Address, or Configuration Resolution
ResolutionCorrect the incompatibility

1. The slave could not resolve the hostname and IP address of the master, even though the entries in DNS and the hosts file appeared to be correct. By changing the sdconf.rec file to resolve 'By IP address in ACE/Server database', the gethostbyname request from the _aceserver process succeeded and the start operation was successful.
2. Run sdinfo to see if the master or slave server name is short or fully qualified. If the name is short, try changing it to be fully qualified. If it is fully qualified, try changing it to be short. To do this run sdsetup -config as root. Make the change as appropriate. Stop the ACE/server and restart it.

3. Check the local hostname. At the command line, type "hostname <enter>". The name that it returns should match what sdinfo shows. If sdinfo needs to be changed, run sdsetup -config and change the master server name to be correct. If the local hostname is incorrect, at the command line type "hostname" , a space, and the correct machine name. Restart the ACE/Server.
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