000019610 - ACE/Server Quick Admin errors not being documented

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Article Number000019610
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.0.1 (no longer supported as of 8-15-2004)
IssueACE/Server Quick Admin errors not being documented
ResolutionRSA Security is aware of this issue and will address it in a future release of the documentation. Here is a list of all the prompts and errors that may be produced:


Wait for the tokencode to change,
then enter the new tokencode:

You must select a new PIN.
Do you want the system to generate
your new PIN? (y/n) [n]  

Enter a new PIN of %1 alphanumeric

Enter a new PIN between %1 and %2 alphanumeric

Enter a new PIN of %1 digits:

Enter a new PIN between %1 and %2 digits:

To continue, you must accept a new PIN generated
by the system. Are you ready to have the
system  generate your PIN? (y/n) [n]

Re-enter new PIN to confirm:

Your screen will automatically clear in %1 seconds.
Your new PIN is: %2

Your new PIN is %1. Wait for the tokencode
to change, then enter a new PASSCODE:

Wait for the tokencode to change,
then enter a new PASSCODE:  

PIN accepted. Wait for the tokencode to
change, then enter a new PASSCODE:

To continue you must enter a new PIN.
Are you ready to enter a new PIN? (y/n) [n]

Successful authentication

PASSCODE accepted.

Access denied.

User not found.

User is currently authenticating from another process.

User is not scheduled to authenticate.

User does not have a token.

Token is expired.

Authentication session timed out.

Token is disabled.


Invalid tokencode.

New PIN procedure cancelled.

Unexpected authentication error.

Invalid PIN.

PIN did not match.

PIN did not match confirmation. Press Enter to continue.

Program error: buffer too small

User is not an administrator.

Unexpected administrator lookup error.

Token is not a valid type for administrators. to change,
then enter the new tokencode:

You need additional criteria to complete this request

You cannot perform this operation

This is not a recognized request

This is not a recognized file template

This is an illegal operation

NullPointer Exception reported while processing this request

Error: The Search String is required to complete the Search. Please retry the Search        

Invalid input

ACE/Server name is not correct

ACE/Server port number is not correct

Client host name and IP are not in ACE's hosts.conf file or ACE/Server name is empty

ACP cannot find or load the cert files

Cert files are not the right ones

Admin login ID is not correct

Admin login passcode is not correct

ACE/Server is down

ACE/Server web admin daemon service is down or port number is incorrect or certs files are not right

ACE/Server's certification file(s) is not found

ACE/Server's certification file(s) is not correct one

ACP command error

ACP communication error

Hosts.conf doesn't contain client's host name and IP address

IO error

Operation completed successfully

Failed to close down session

Unknown Error

Unknown response

Ace Comm: Bad command

Ace Comm: Attempt to interrupt current process

Bad response

Out of sync

Socket write error

Bad protocol negotiation

Socket is down

Error reading the socket

Network fragmentation error

Buffer is overloaded

Invalid arguments to command

Cannot find any records

Bad request

Cannot use this token id

You must confirm

Bad search

Unrecognized request

Unrecognized file template

Illegal operation

NullPointerException reported while processing request.

The Search String is required to complete the Search. Please retry the Search        

You did not enter a valid token

This is not a new token

/* License related messages */
License expired.

Database is not compliant with the license requirements.

Number of users in the database exceeds license limit.

Number of users in the database reached license limit.

Number of replicas in the database exceeds license limit.

/* Messages that are used in the token deployment log file */
Cannot save token data into the file

Cannot decrypt token data

Cannot encrypt token data

Cannot fetch token extension data

Cannot get user data

Cannot lock token in the database

Cannot open list of token extensions

Token is in the file but MUST be re-issued (database update failed)

Cannot generate new token seed

Cannot save token extension data into the file

/* Error messages */
Access Denied

Accessing administrative role table.

Acting master and slave cannot be identical

Agent host already exists

Allocating buffer

Allocating results buffer

Alpha characters not allowed

Attribute is not configurable

Attribute not found

Attribute value already exists

Attribute value is not found

Invalid sequence of authentication calls

User is required to pass authentication

Closing log

Cannot assign expired token.

Cannot create software token db file (file may already exist)

Cannot delete agent host with extensions

Cannot delete agent host with enabled groups

Cannot delete agent host with secondary nodes

Cannot delete agent host with enabled users

Cannot delete group enabled on an agent host

Cannot delete group with group extensions

Cannot delete group with group administrator

Cannot delete group with users

Cannot delete site with associated agent hosts

Cannot delete site with site extensions

Cannot delete site with associated groups

Cannot delete site with site administrator

Cannot delete token with token extensions

Cannot delete user, while enabled on an agent host

Cannot delete user, while member of a group

Cannot delete user with user extensions

Cannot fetch attribute

Cannot fetch attribute value

Cannot find predefined value

Cannot insert attribute value

Cannot lock user

Cannot open attribute table

Cannot open attribute value table

Cannot open logs

Cannot update attribute value

Cannot update profile

Cannot update user record

Converting token data

Decrypting agent security block

Decrypting token security block

Decrypting system record

Deleting log entry

Deleting profile

Dump operation failed

Empty keys are not allowed

Encrypting agent host security block

Encrypting otp security block

Encrypting token security block

Expiration date is in the past

Fetching administrative role table

Fetching agent host extension table

Fetching agent host table

Fetching enabled group table

Fetching enabled user table

Fetching group extension table

Fetching group member table

Fetching group table

Fetching node table

Fetching profile

Fetching replica table

Fetching site extension table

Fetching site table

Fetching token extension table

Fetching token record

Fetching token table

Fetching task item

Fetching task list

Fetching user extension table

Fetching user table

Input file is corrupted

Failed to check license compliance

Failed to count tokens

Failed to login to db

Failed to delete password token

Failed to delete token record

Failed to delete user

Failed to fetch log entry

Failed to generate one-time password

Failed to generate one-time password set code

Failed to generate password token serial number

Failed to get group information

Failed to get sequence number

Failed to get site information

Failed to get system record

Failed to get token record

Failed to get task list information

Failed to lock token record

Failed to lock user extension record

Failed to set pin to next tokencode

Failed to set sdi process name

Failed to save password in software token file

Failed to get token count

Failed to lock token

Failed to update token

File name or truncate option should be specified

Function is disabled when autocommit is true

Group already enabled on agent host

Group already exists

Group already exists in db

Getting agent host

Getting agent host record

Getting agent host type

Getting group

Getting locked token in pair

Getting log entries

Getting realm

Getting site

Getting user info

Host not found

Inserting group record

Inserting profile

Inserting token record

Internal database error

Invalid acting master

Invalid agent host

Invalid agent host/address

Invalid agent host type

Invalid argument

Invalid attribute

Invalid attribute value

Invalid encryption type

Invalid end date

Invalid flag combination

Invalid flag value

Invalid first name

Invalid group

Invalid group login

Invalid hour value (0-23)

Invalid key

Invalid key flag value

Invalid login

Invalid login/last name

Invalid lifetime value.

Invalid last name

Invalid method flag value

Invalid mode

Invalid number of days

Invalid option

Invalid pin

Invalid profile

Invalid protection flag value

Invalid password

Invalid password token operation

Invalid realm

Invalid realm name

Invalid remote alias

Invalid secret

Invalid shell

Invalid site

Invalid sort mode

Invalid start date

Invalid token

Invalid token-code

Invalid token range

Invalid ending token serial number

Invalid starting token serial number

Invalid task list

Invalid user

Ip address already exists in db as secondary node

Key is not unique

Key requires valid password

Locking attribute value

Login already exists on agent host

Login already exists in group

Manual commit mode is not supported

Maximum number of tokens already assigned

Failed to acquire name lock

New pin rejected Access Denied.

No more one-time passwords available

Old token is in replacement pair

Opening administrative role table

Opening agent host extension table

Opening agent host table

Opening cache file

Opening enabled group table

Opening enabled user table

Opening file

Opening group extension table

Opening group member table

Opening group table

Opening import file

Opening node table

Opening profile table

Creating import report file

Opening replica table

Opening site extension table

Opening site table

Opening token extension table

Opening token table

Opening task item cursor

Opening task list cursor

Opening user extension table

Opening user table

Pin of password token cannot be cleared

Preparing ascii session:

Profile already exists

Profile is assigned to a user

Profile not found

Pair not found

Password already exists

Password token cannot be lost

Password token cannot be replaced

Reclosing log

Reopening log

Replaced/replacement tokens cannot be exported

Selecting token

Site already exists in db

Start date/time is later or equal to end date/time

System pin creation not allowed

Token is already assigned

Token is already deployed.

Token already exists

Token deployment limit is reached.

Token is in replacement pair

Token is not assigned

Token is not lost

Token is not of software type

Unable to access agent dll

Unable to add one-time password set

Unable to add record to software token db

Unable to read config record

Unable to count one time passwords

Unable to communicate with authentication server

Unable to delete administrator record.

Unable to delete administrative role record.

Unable to delete agent host

Unable to delete attribute value

Unable to delete enabled group record

Unable to delete enabled user record

Unable to delete group

Unable to delete group member record

Unable to delete one-time passwords

Unable to delete site

Unable to delete token record

Unable to delete user extension record

Unable to determine current host

Unable to determine primary/replica status

Cannot encrypt software token seed

Unable to get enabled user record

Unable to get group member record

Unable to get PIN requirements

Unable to get replica by name

Unable to get system record

Unable to get token user

Unable to get user by token

Unable to get user record

Unable to insert agent host record

Unable to insert enabled group record

Unable to insert enabled user

Unable to insert user record

Unable to lock agent host record

Unable to lock enabled user record

Unable to lock group member record

Unable to lock group record

Unable to lock replacing token

Unable to open cursor

Unable to prepare agent host security block

Unable to random fill software token seed

Unable to construct prompt

Unable to delete assigned token

Unable to insert site

Unable to lock agent host record

Unable to lock site record

Unable to update administrative role table

Unable to update agent host

Unable to update group member record

Unable to update group record

Unable to update site record

Unable to write header in software token db

Updating token in pair

User already in db

User has admin privileges

User has assigned tokens

User has ldap information

User has no profile assigned to him

User is an administrator.

User is remote

User is not an administrator

User pin creation not allowed

Unknown Authentication Error

PIN did not match

Hostname exists in the database as secondary node

Unable to add secondary node

Invalid secondary node

Unable to lock the secondary node record

Unable to delete the secondary node record

Cannot create XML context

Failed to open XML file or pool

Created XML file was empty

Failed to close XML file or pool

XML file was successfully closed after internal error occurred

Token was put into the XML file but was not updated in the database

Invalid name for the software token target device

Invalid starting user default login

Invalid ending user default login

Invalid range of user logins

Failed to lock pool

Invalid SQL SELECT statement

Failed to execute SQL statement

Pool not found

Invalid pool name

Failed to register pool

Pool is still in use by calling interface

Pool is still in use by internal function

Failed to read data from pool

Failed to write data to pool

Invalid length of encoded string

Function requires binary pool

Function requires ascii pool

Site not found

Opening site extension

Fetching site extension

Inserting site extension

Getting locked site extension

Updating site extension

Deleting site extension

Agent host not found

Opening agent host extension

Fetching agent host extension

Inserting agent host extension

Getting locked agent host extension

Updating agent host extension

Deleting agent host extension

Group not found

Opening group extension

Fetching group extension

Inserting group extension

Getting locked group extension

Updating group extension

Deleting group extension

User not found

Opening user extension

Fetching user extension

Inserting user extension

Getting locked user extension

Updating user extension

Deleting user extension

Token not found

Opening token extension

Fetching token extension

Inserting token extension

Getting locked token extension

Updating token extension

Deleting token extension

Opening system extension

Fetching system extension

Inserting system extension

Getting locked system extension

Updating system extension

Deleting system extension

Cannot read license

Opening job table

Fetching job table

Getting job record

Invalid job
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