000022422 - ACE_INIT_SOCKET_FAIL returned during Sd_Init() call

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Article Number000022422
Applies ToRSA ACE/Agent 5.0.3 Authentication API
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP4
IssueRSA ACE/Agent API function SD_Init returns failure code ACE_INIT_SOCKET_FAIL
CauseSD_Init(&SdHdl) reports error that has occurred in underlying sockets library
ResolutionAs part of initializing communications with RSA ACE/Server, SD_Init utilizes underlying Windows functions socket(...), bind(...), and getsockname(...), any of which can fail.

While the ACE_INIT_SOCKET_FAIL error is likely due to OS or network connectivity issues, enabling ACE/Agent tracing may help determine the exact nature of the problem:

"CreateSocket(): error return from socket(): %x"   - This is a general failure of the socket() function call

"CreateSocket(): timeout because of socket creation failure"   - The operating system timed out trying to create the socket when calling the socket() function

"CreateSocket(): error return from bind(): 0x%x, socket %d, port %d"   - This is the error reported if the operating system bind() call fails

"CreateSocket(): error return from getsockname(): 0x%x"   - This gets reported if the getsockname() function fails

NOTE: In the above sample trace messages, ACE can vary slightly depending on the aceclnt library build number.

See the solution regarding How to enable RSA ACE/Agent for Windowstracing for debugging purposes for the manual steps to enable ACE/Agent tracing.
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