000014463 - Description of RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 services that should be running

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Article Number000014463
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition:  6.1
IssueThis article lists the RSA Authentication Manager services that should be running and explains their purpose.

RSA services on Windows

  • RSA RADIUS Service.  This service runs only if RADIUS is installed, and by default is not installed with Authentication Manager.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Administration Daemon.  This service is required to connect to the server using Remote Administration (also called Remote Mode). This service is also required for opening the RSA Authentication Manager Host Mode. Only one process runs and allows multiple number of Remote Administration sessions. The number of Remote Administration sessions one can run to administer the RSA Authentication Manager can be changed by changing the switches and editing the startup.pf, sdlog.pf and sdserv.pf files.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Authentication Engine.  This service includes the authentication engine front end and back end. This service also include the Lock Manager, which is responsible for avoiding collisions or redundancies between the primary and any replica servers.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Broker.  This service includes the  broker service connecting to both the log database and server database.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Job Executor daemon. The Job Scheduler is used for executing the scheduled jobs like LDAP synchronization, and so on.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Log Maintenance Daemon.  This service runs the automated log maintenance process. Though this process will be running by default, it does not do any automated log maintenance until it is turned on.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Offline Auth Data Daemon.  This service is required for downloading the offline data for the RSA agents.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Quick Admin Daemon.  This service is only in RSA Authentication Manager and allows to use Quick Admin and Deployment Manager via a web interface.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Replication Engine 0.  This service is used for replication between the primary and replicas. Replication engine 0 is the primary server.
  • RSA Authentication Manager Replication Engine 1 - 10.  These services are used for replication between the primary and replica servers. Replication engine 1 is for replica 2, replication engine 2 for replica 2, etc.
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