000018431 - 'O/S not supported' when installing ACE/Server or ACE/Agent on Unix OS

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Article Number000018431
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueInstall ACE/Server or ACE/Agent on UNIX OS
"O/S not supported" when installing the ACE/Server or ACE/Agent.
CauseThe ACE/Server or ACE/Agent software may not recognize the O/S as valid.  
ResolutionPlease refer to the RSA ACE/Server Platform Support Matrix or the
RSA ACE/Agent Platform Support Matrix.

In the case of the server and client software, you may not be able to install on the O/S even though its valid. This is because the O/S was not available when the software was written. For instance, 2.7 is valid with ACE/Server 3.3, and 2.8 is valid with 3.3 and 4.1, but sdsetup is not written to recognize or install either.

NOTE: While the following instructions will allow you to install the ACE/Server or ACE/Agent on an unsupported O/S, RSA Security does not recommend or support it. For information on installing ACE/Server 4.1 and ACE/Agent on
Solaris 8, see the solution for installing ACE/Server on Solaris 8 (the following instructions will work, but the patch is the preferred method).

1. Copy the contents, including subdirectories of the aceserv/platform or
   aceagent/platform directories to the HD of the destination machine.
2. Change the permissions by typing chmod -R 777 directory. For directory, use
   the top level of the directories that contain the ACE files.

3. Edit the sdsetup script (from the copied ACE files) by typing:

        vi sdsetup

   (This will bring you to a number of case statement where sdsetup determines if
   the O/S is recognized.)

4. Find the section for your O/S, and using the same format, add a test condition
   for your O/S. Running a uname -r or uname -v will help obtain the information
   needed for this step. You may need to make these edits in more than one area
   within this script.

5. Save changes:

      <esc> wq!

6. Follow the normal install instructions using the directory modified.

7.  (ACE/Server only) Follow steps 3-5, but this time make the changes to the
    /"path"/ace/prog/sdnewdb script.

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