000022550 - 'Certificate extensions' section missing when viewing a certificate request

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Article Number000022550
Applies ToRSA Certificate Manager 6.6
RSA Certificate Manager 6.6 API
Issue"Certificate extensions" section is missing when viewing a certificate request (on the Certificate Operations workbench > view requests for a jurisdiction > click on a request). The request was submitted through an RSA Certificate Manager API application. The certificate request view page with the missing "Certificate extensions" section looks like the following:

If a similar certificate request is made through the RSA Certificate Manager's (RSACM) enrollment pages for the same jurisdiction, the "Certificate extensions" section shows fine on the request view page. The page looks like the following:

CauseThe certificate request that does not show the "Certificate extensions" section was saved in RSACM database when issuing certificate using the RSACM-API function XudaCASignCertificate() with the option to save the request (XudaSTOREREQUEST flag). The request (xuda_cert_req) object submitted to XudaCASignCertificate() did not contain any value for attribute REQUESTEDPROFILE. RSA Certificate Manager expects at least the value "No Extensions" in REQUESTEDPROFILE attribute of the xuda_cert_req object even when no extension profile is selected for the request. The missing value in REQUESTEDPROFILE attribute of the certificate request caused the above issue.
ResolutionUpdate the RSA Certificate Manager API application and set the REQUESTEDPROFILE attribute of the request (xuda_cert_req) object with appropriate profile id (or the value "No Extensions") before making a call to XudaCASignCertificate(). For example, use the function XudaSetField(*certRequest, "requestedprofile", XudaXPTUTF8Temp("No Extensions")).
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