000029832 - After importing 7.1 data file into RSA 8.1, attaching fresh replica fails

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Article Number000029832
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: SecurID Appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 8.1.0
Platform: Linux
Platform (Other): null
O/S Version: Suse Linux
Product Name: RSA-0010810
Product Description: RSA-0010810
IssueAfter importing 7.1 data file into RSA 8.1, attaching a replica fails with Error
"Failed to attach replica instance.
You must redeploy this replica instance by performing the following steps:
1. Delete this replica instance. Log on to the Operations console (primary instance) and click Replication Status Report.
2. Shut down and delete the virtual appliance for this replica instance.
3. Follow the procedures in the Setup and Configuration Guide for deploying a new replica instance.
Click here to access the install_logs, and then call RSA Customer Support "
log file Install_logs\config\config.sh_Appliance_configureReplica_yearmodaytime.log contains the following


   86762  2015-03-16 11:11:12,271 INFO: Trying to enable SBR replication for 'rsaauth01.company.com'

   86772  2015-03-16 11:11:12,281 ERROR: Error looking up SBR server data for host 'rsaauth01.company.com': Replication server 'rsaauth01.company.com' not found.

   86772  2015-03-16 11:11:12,281 INFO: Attempting to enable SBR replication again...

   86772  2015-03-16 11:11:12,281 INFO: Configuring SBR as REPLICA RADIUS Server

   86792  2015-03-16 11:11:12,301 INFO: Executing /opt/rsa/am/radius/radiuswrapper.bin restart radius nodep on command line

   86900  2015-03-16 11:11:12,409 INFO: Return code: 1: sbrd: WARNING: unable to stop radius


   86900  2015-03-16 11:11:12,409 INFO: Output: radius state is running


   86900  2015-03-16 11:11:12,409 INFO: Executing /opt/rsa/am/radius/radiuswrapper.bin stop radius on command line

   90113  2015-03-16 11:11:15,622 INFO: Return code: 0: 

   90113  2015-03-16 11:11:15,622 INFO: Output: radius state is running

   waiting for radius

   radius stopped


   90118  2015-03-16 11:11:15,627 FATAL: Error enabling replication for SBR server 'rsaauth01.company.com'

   90162  2015-03-16 11:11:15,671 FATAL: 

   Error enabling replication for SBR server 'rsaauth01.company.com'

   java.lang.AssertionError: Error enabling replication for SBR server 'rsaauth01.company.com'
CauseWhen replica package was first created there was a name in the reverse lookup of DNS which was associated with IP address being used for the replica. 
Even though DNS has been cleansed of this name and address using the address still fails in the replica attachment.
ResolutionThe resolution is to use a different IP address and/or name for the new replica and regenerate the package.