000031263 - Scheduled clean up job does not run on Authentication Manager 8.1 but manual clean up now works

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Article Number000031263
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.1 SP1
IssueA scheduled clean up job of an external  identity source will not run.  The job is listed in the Security Console under Administration > Batch Jobs, but the information in the Complete Date column never changes, so new scheduled clean up jobs do not run.
Clean up Complete Date Never Changes
Running the Clean Up Unresovlable Users option completes successfully.
Clean up Unresolvable Users
CauseThere is an old scheduled cleanup job stuck in the Scheduled Queue, which prevents new scheduled jobs of the same type from running.

Before completing the steps below, take a backup of the Authentication Manager database (Operations ConsoleMaintenance > Backup and Restore > Backup Now).  Make a note of the backup password used for the backup.  If the backup is saved to the local Authentication Manager server, copy the backup off the server and store in a secure location.
1.  Open an SSH session on the Authentication Manager 8.1 server and access the pgSQL database interface.
2.  View all of the batch jobs with the following SQL statement:

SELECT id, name, status, error_message, created_on FROM  rsa_rep.ims_batch_job;

Delete from Batch
3.  Optionally, the failed batch job for Unresolvable Users and User Groups Cleanup can be listed based on its ID.  Running a SELECT statement where id='<id captured above>' can be run first to verify that this is the correct batch job.

SELECT name, id, schedule_data, status, last_updated_on, FROM rsa_rep.ims_batch_job where id='<id_captured_above>';

4.  Now run the DELETE command to remove the scheduled batch job that never runs:

DELETE FROM rsa_rep.ims_batch_job WHERE id='<paste_id_from_above>';

This SQL statement removes the particular scheduled batch job that never runs, now locate any stuck scheduled cleanup batch jobs.
5.  Now run a SELECT statement to locate all scheduled batch jobs:

SELECT name, id, schedule_data, status, last_updated_on FROM rsa_rep.ims_schedule_job;

Look for any scheduled Unresolvable User and User Group Cleanup jobs that do not have a status of 0.  Typically stuck jobs will have a status of 2.  These are the stuck scheduled cleanup jobs that are preventing the new scheduled cleanup from running,
6.  Delete the
 stuck scheduled cleanup jobs, but test by running a SELECT on each job first, copying and pasting in the id for the specific scheduled batch job:

SELECT name, id, schedule_data, status, last_updated_on FROM rsa_rep.ims_schedule_job WHERE id='<Unresolvable_Users_and_Groups_id>';

delete SQL
7.  When ready, run the SQL command to delete the batch job:    

DELETE FROM rsa_rep.ims_schedule_job WHERE id='<Unresolvable_Users_and_Groups_id>';

8.  The database is now clean of the stuck jobs.  Try to run a new cleanup.