000029498 - You have reached the agent count limit message in RSA ECAT 4.x

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Article Number000029498
Applies ToRSA ECAT 4.x
IssueNot all ECAT Agent machines are showing in ECAT ConsoleServer GUI, Machines.
The c:\ECAT\Server\ConsoleServer-Error.log file shows license error, "You have reached the agent count limit".
CauseECAT Agent license limit exceeded.
The ECAT ConsoleServer GUI, Machines, will only display the first Agents that are added to the SQLServer database, up to the license limit.
ResolutionPurchase and install on the ECAT Server a new license for more Agents, the server will allow more to be shown in the ECAT GUI, Machines.
Contact RSA Sales for the purchase of a new license.
WorkaroundDelete Agent software until you are equal, or below the ECAT Agent license limit.
Via the ECAT ConsoleServer GUI, Machines.
You can choose an individual PC, or use Shift or Control to highlight multiple machines, right click and choose, Agent Maintenance -> Uninstall Agent.  The next dialog box shows all PCs selected, and allows you to “Proceed” to un-install the Agent on all.
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Remember after un-installing the agent this doesn't remove the machine from the ECAT GUI, Machines, or the ECAT SQLServer database. To remove the machine from ECAT, and free up a license you need to select the PC(s) and right click, choose, Advanced -> Remove Selection from the Database.
Press [F5] to Refresh the Machines screen, to confirm the PC is deleted.
Additional reference on the RSA SCOL website, see the ECAT 4.0 User Guide, URL https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com/docs/rsa_ecat/v4.0/RSA_ECAT_4.0_User_Guide.pdf, Page 195, “Uninstalling Agents and Removing Agents from the Database”.
Only PCs showing in the ECAT GUI, Machines, can be deleted in this method.
NotesAdditional licensing information:
1. The ECAT GUI, About, shows the existing license limit, and the current Agent count detected.
See the parameters,
  • AgentCount, this is the current number of Agents registered in your ECAT Server system up to your license limit, any agents in excess of your license are not shown. The AgentCount value only gets updated when the ECAT GUI starts.
  • AgentCountLimit, this is the license limit.
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2. ECAT will generate Events Notifications when the number of Agents exceeds 90% of the license limit.
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3. Any Agents in excess of the license limit will get added to the SQLServer database, but will not be displayed in the ECAT GUI, Machines.
For example in the two screenshots below, a system with an Agent license of 5 Machines, will show only 5 Machines in ECAT GUI, Machines.
However the SQLServer database contains details about all Agents sending information to the ECAT Server.
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References to these excess Agents can be found in:
a.    The ECAT GUI, Events, shows an event to delete an Unknown machine for a particular {Agent_ID}.
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b.    The c:\ECAT\Server\ConsoleServer-Error.log file shows license errors like, "You have reached the agent count limit. This license allows only (n) agents. Rejecting agent [{Agent_ID}]".
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