000014652 - 'An unexpected JavaScript error (Unterminated string constant)' when installing Key Recovery Manager

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Article Number000014652
Applies ToRSA Certificate Manager 6.8
RSA Key Recovery Manager 6.8
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Issue"An unexpected JavaScript error (Unterminated string constant)" when installing Key Recovery Manager
The following error shows in a pop up window after clicking Accept on license agreement page during browser phase of Key Recovery Manager (KRM) installation:

Message from webpage
An unexpected JavaScript error (Unterminated string constant) has occurred on line 299 of https://<hostname>:444/xpkrs/install/xpkrs-ca.xuda. Please contact technical support if the the problem persists.

After clicking OK button on the JavaScript error pop-up window, 'Create Key Recovery CA' page comes up on the browser with no option to provide CA details (like CN, OU, etc); 'Signing Algorithm and Key Size' section shows properly with the option to choose hardware or software based crypto providers.
CauseOne or more jurisdictions were updated to add multi-line text (each line ending with a carriage return and/or a new line character) to 'Request Page Text' (under Jurisdiction configuration => Enrollment Interface) corresponding to ENROLL_REQUESTTEXT attribute of the XUDA_DOMAIN_CONFIG object.  Another attribute ENROLL_ENROLLTEXT of the XUDA_DOMAIN_CONFIG object was also updated in a similar way with multi-line text.

Note that ENROLL_ENROLLTEXT attribute of only the default jurisdiction (System Configuration workbench => Jurisdiction Defaults => Enrollment Interface => Main Enrollment Page) is used to customize message on the main enrollment page; this attribute is ignored for all other jurisdictions corresponding to CA's.
ResolutionThis issue was reported with RSA Certificate Manager and RSA Key Recovery Manager 6.8 build 517, and will be fixed in the next build (not available at the time of writing this article).  In the mean time, the following workaround can be used to resolve the issue:

Update each of the jurisdictions that contain multi-line text (include carriage return and/or new line characters) for 'Request Page Text' and add a backslash character '\' at the end of each line.  '\' will translate to a continuous line in JavaScript.  Since there is no option in jurisdiction configuration page (other than for Jurisdiction Defaults) to update ENROLL_ENROLLTEXT, listuclass utility can be used to modify this attribute; contact RSA Customer Support to get help with usage of listuclass tool.
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