000030723 - L&G: New review appears stuck in parsing users task during review generation

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Article Number000030723
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Product/Service Type: Enterprise Software
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1
Platform: Linux
Platform (Other): na
O/S Version: Suse Linux
Product Name: null
Product Description: null
IssueReview generation of a new review appears stuck in the 'parsing users' task in the RSA Via Life Cycle and Governance (L&G) User Interface (UI):
Admin -> System -> Monitoring
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Click on the run id and scroll to the bottom of the next page. Observe the Tasks in Progress.

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CauseThe review was created with no filters. As such, on a system with large volumes of data; the processing of that data may take a significant amount of time. 
ResolutionAdd filters to the review definition where possible to limit the amount of data processed and returned.
The resolution in this case was to modify the Data Resource Access Review definition to only include a subset of data resources in the review rather than all data resources defined in L&G. Although this example is specific to a Data Access Review the principals for keeping reviews manageable apply to all review types.
In the L&G UI,
1. Go to Reviews -> Definitions -> Create Review Definition 
2. Choose Review type: Data Access  -> Next
3. Provide a name for the review -> Next
4. Under "Data Resource Selection" - choose specific data resources for the review.
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BEST PRACTICES would be to avoid large reviews. Some examples of problems that can occur when reviews become overly large include but are not limited to:

1. When a review generation takes a long time, other jobs queue up behind the review and the review generation becomes a bottleneck. Observe this behavior by going to Admin -> System -> Monitoring in the L&G UI and notice all the "New" jobs queued up behind the "Running" Review Generation.
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2 Undoing a bulk review action that was done by mistake is possible with smaller reviews. However, If a reviewer mistakenly does a bulk review of an exceptionally large number of review items, undoing this bulk review can result in so many internal pointers that completing the review may no longer be possible due to performance degradation. The result: a new review must be re-generated and all review work so far completed in this review are now lost and must be performed again.
3. Feel free to help me out here Brett and add some reasons because I don't know anymore but I'm sure there are lots more. Thanks!