000029400 - Issues after migrating to 5.5 SP2

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Article Number000029400
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.5 SP2
IssueThere are 5 distinct issues that are occurring due to the bug in the 5.5.2 Installer where the DPS migrator is not running (ARCHCE-956).
  1. DPS Job Migrator is not running
  2. System Job Migrator is failing
  3. Job Migrator is failing
  4. Unable to manage Data Feeds
  5. Unable to manage DPS
CauseDPS migrator not running.
ResolutionIssues #2 and 3 can be resolved with the following steps
  1. Copy the ArcherTech.ReportingExport.dll to the install directory (same directory in which the Archer.Installer.exe is located)
  2. Execute the Installer
  3. Select “Instance Database” (do not select “Web Application” or “Services”)
  4. Run install process
Note that since we are only upgrading the database this only needs to be done on one machine.
Issues #4 and 5 can be resolved by copying the ArcherTech.ReportingExport.dll to the web applications \bin folder
Once all these steps have been run then Issue #1 can be resolved by editing and the resaving each DPS job.  This, in effect, cleans up the older schedules and creates a new schedule for the job (what the DPS Migrator should be doing).
This is fixed in
WorkaroundThe ArcherTech.ReportingExport.dll file is missing in the Instance. 

Copy the file from the extracted Installer files and paste into these locations: 

...\inetpub\wwwroot\install directory\bin ...\inetpub\wwwroot\install directory\api\bin ...\Program Files\RSA Archer\Services ...\Program Files\RSA Archer\Archer Control Panel\Plugins