000028857 - KB-1054 - Aveksa data migration not working - unable to restore backup

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Article Number000028857
Applies ToAffected Versions: 3.6.X; 3.5.X
IssueWhile attempting to restore an Aveksa backup, the following error was reported for every table in the system:

ORA-31684: Object type SEQUENCE:"AVUSER"."AGENT_SEQUENCE" already exists
ResolutionThe database was not cleanly shut down and brought up, a stray connection was still open and caused the errors.
The correct restore process steps are:
Cluster Installations:
- AlterCluster.sh off on both nodes
- dbshut on the primary (to guarantee all connections are closed)
- dbstart in the primary
==> do your import
- AlterCluster.sh on primary
- (wait for everything to come up before attempting "AlterCluster.sh on" on secondary. Wes had him monitor the system messages and wait for about 5 minutes to see heartbeat oracle-status messages. I kind of moved away during this so I cannot repeat the exact message, but it's something like this)
less /var/log/messages
(wait for consecutive oracle status messages)
Process for the non-cluster appliances:
- sudo service aveksa_server stop
- sudo service aveksa_agent stop
- dbshut
- dbstart
==> do your import
- sudo service aveksa_server start
- sudo service aveksa_agent start