000029373 - How to remove an Envision specific patch from an Envision  4.1 Server

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Article Number000029373
Applies ToRSA Product Set: enVision
RSA Product/Service Type: enVision Core
RSA Version/Condition: 4.1 SP1
Platform: Windows
O/S Version: 2003 Server x64

An Envision patch was erroneously applied, and the application of the patch is now preventing Envision from functioning properly.  This is most easily recongizable when NIC webserver will not start right immediately after the application of the patch.

CausePatch compatibility can prevent Envision from starting.
ResolutionLog on as the Master account and move into the Manage Services Window.
1. Stop the NIC Service Manager from the Windows service panel
2. Backup all the files in the following directory using the Copy command:
e:\nic\4100\nodename\bkup\4100\SP1\patchnumber folder to E:\nic\4100\nodename.
3. Replace the DBLockbox.lcb file in the nic\csd\config\lockbox folder with the file from nic\csd\config\lockbox\bkup\4100\SP1\patchnumber\DBLockbox.lcb.
4) Execute step 4 only if your db password has changed post install of 4.3sp1 patch 6:  If the database password has been modified post-installation of 4.1 SP1 Patch 6, the password will also need to be updated in the backed-up lock box. To update the password, do one of the following:
4a) If there is a password change on patch06 setup, and the password is known, run the change password utility again to change the password to the old password and then to revert patch05 along with the “dblockbox.lcb” which has backed up.
4b) If there is a password change on patch06 setup and you have forgotten the old password, use lockboxutil.exe (to created site lockbox) to recreate site and dblockbox after reverted to patch04:

i) Copy lockboxutil.exe (E:\nic\..\bin).
ii) Open command prompt and change directory to E:\nic\..bin folder.
iii) Select option 1(create site lock box) from the selection.
iv) Provide passwords for master, NIC_SYSTEM, NIC_SSHD, NIC_SFTP, DBA
vi) In case of DBA, give the current password which has been created after patch06
5. Restart the NIC Service Manager.