000029234 - RSA SecOps "Alert Timestamp" field displays time in future

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Article Number000029234
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer, Security Analytics

RSA Product/Service Type: SecOps, Incident Response, Security Alerts

RSA Version/Condition: 5.5 SP1

Platform: Windows
Issue Issue with the “Alert Timestamp” field (Date field) in Archer where the date is set to the future. Giving current platform time-zone (UTC+2), time shifts 2 hours ahead

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============================ Alert raw data begin ============================

Jul 22 14:00:55 cv-sa-esa-01 FAILURE:TestRCF_ASA_accessDenied_ESA:Event Stream Analytics:CEF:0|RSA|Security Analytics (ESA)|10.3.3|20|This incident is based on the rule "TestRCF_ASA_accessDenied_ESA" and based on the aggregation criteria "Destination IP" where the Destination IP is:|3|externalId=4074441236 src= dst= rt=2014-07-22T14:00Z sourceServiceName= requestClientApplication= destinationDnsDomain= smac= dmac= cs1= cs1Label=destinationcity cs2= cs2Label=destinationcountry cs3=esa-TestRCF_ASA_accessDenied_ESA- cs3Label=aggregationcriteria alertagg=0498b66d-cb67-44e6-bb22-36ba4c46a3e9 cs4=cv-sa-lh-01 cs4Label=decoderid cs5= cs5Label=concentratorid cs6= cs6Label=threatsource cs7= cs7Label=referer cs8=esa cs8Label=RCFApplicationName spt= dpt= cs9= cs9Label=udpsourceport cs10= cs10Label=udptargetport cs11= cs11Label=destinationlattitude cs12= cs12Label=sourcelattitude cs13= cs13Label=destinationlongitude cs14= cs14Label=sourcelongitude cs15= cs15Label=alertid cs16= cs16Label=sourcedomain cs17= cs17Label=destinationdomain cs18=TestRCF_ASA_accessDenied_ESA cs18Label=alert cs19= cs19Label=sourcecountry cs20= cs20Label=sourcecity cs21= cs21Label=deviceid msg=TestRCF_ASA_accessDenied_ESA grouped by Destination IP: cs24= cs24Label=riskinfo cs25= cs25Label=riskwarn cs26= cs26Label=risksusp cs27= cs27Label=threatcategory cs28= cs28Label=threatdesc cat= level=3 devicetype=ciscoasa deviceclass=Firewall suser= eventsource= eventtype= eventdescription=access denied duser= filename= deviceip= esaseverity=9 time=2014-07-22T14:00Z statement=5b1131f8-49e8-4671-a29f-0ca71335dede id=0498b66d-cb67-44e6-bb22-36ba4c46a3e9 moduleType=advanced

============================ Alert raw data end ============================
ResolutionIn the default templates (CEF format) in "SecOps_SA_ESA_Templates.txt", the problematic field is the "rt" key value pair, which needs to be changed to “rt=${time?datetime?iso_utc_nz }” instead of 
rt=${time?datetime}. Time will then be published in UTC format with "No Zone" (which means that the time zone offset is not displayed). Hence, the field 'rt' will be  rt=2014-07-22T14:00 instead of  rt=2014-07-22T14:00Z.