000027886 - KB-1698 How can files be 'downloaded' from the Aveksa FTP over SSL server from SuSE ACM 6.8.1 appliance

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Article Number000027886
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SuSE lftp curl
RSA Identity Management and Governance
IssueKB-1698 How can files be 'downloaded' from the Aveksa FTP over SSL server from SuSE ACM 6.8.1 appliance
I'm not able to find the lftp command on 6.8.1 Appliance with SuSE OS installed. This command is specifically mentioned in KB-1638 Aveksa FTP over SSL, How can files be 'downloaded' from the Aveksa FTP over SSL server on a SuSE system?


Accessing RSA IAM (Aveksa ACM) files on the Aveksa FTP over SSL server from appliances with IAM/ACM V6.8.1 and the SuSE Operating System installed

Customers accessing the Aveksa FTP over SSL server, (ftp.aveksa.com) running with RedHat installed on their appliance, can make use of the lftp utility that is
provided with RedHat.  Guidelines on using lftp from the command line (as well as from various client applications) can be found in KB-1638, Aveksa FTP site supports SSL.

Aveksa IAM/ACM 6.8.1 appliances that come with the SuSE OS installed, are not able to use the lftp utility because SuSE does not package lftp with its Operating System.

An alternative to using lftp directly is to make use of the Linux 'curl' command.   Note that when using download option for lftp with curl, it is necessary to know 
the exact fully qualified path name for the file that is being downloaded.  The  syntax of the 'curl' command is:


  curl  --<protocol> --<connection type> -u <username> -<O, l - download option>  <fully qualified FTP URL>


How to find out specific filenames in a known directory:


To determine the filenames of the files located on in a specific directory on the Aveksa ftp Server, connect toftp.aveksa.com from the SuSE Linux command line 
using the -l option with the 'curl' command.  In this example, we determine the contents of the ACM V6.8.1 HotFixes directory, where the username (ftp server login) is 'myftp':

$ curl --ftp-ssl --insecure -u 'myftp' -l ftp://ftp.aveksa.local/ACM/V6.8.1/HotFixes/
Enter host password for user 'myftp':




How to download a specific file once it's name is known:

To download the specific V6.8.1 HF01 file, Aveksa_6.8.1_HF01.tar.gz, from theftp://ftp.aveksa.com/ACM/V6.8.1/HotFixes directory, connect to ftp.aveksa.com from SuSE Linux command line using the -O  option with the 'curl' command.


$  curl --ftp-ssl --insecure -u 'myftp' -O ftp://ftp.aveksa.local/ACM/V6.8.1/HotFixes/Aveksa_6.8.1_HF01.tar.gz
Enter host password for user 'myftp':
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  366M  100  366M    0     0  10.2M      0  0:00:35  0:00:35 --:--:-- 9953k


How to download all of the files in a known directory location:

It is possible to download an entire directory location or a subset of that directory location by making use of additional linux commands.  This is done by creating an 'input file list' using the -l curl option, and then passing that list as a filename when using the -O curl option. Passing that filename as a list is not complex, but it must be passed as a single command line.   For example, to download all the 6.8.1 Product Documentation, knowing that documentation is found in  ACM/V6.8.1/product_documentation, the following two curl commands could be run.  For this example, both curl commands will need to have ftp account passwords manually entered.

Note the following: 
   - command # 2 should be entered at the command line as one continuous command. 
   - need_files.txt can be edited to specify what ever set of files from this specific directory are wanted. For example,
     if the WebSphere or WebLogic guides are not needed, they could be removed from the file need_files.txt before command
  #2 is executed.


#1) $ curl --ftp-ssl --insecure -u 'myftp' -l ftp://ftp.aveksa.com/ACM/V6.8.1/product_documentation > need_files.txt
#2) $ filesToDownload=""; while read FILE; do filesToDownload="$FILE,$filesToDownload"; done < need_files.txt;filesToDownload=$(echo "${filesToDownload%?}"); rm -f need_files.txt;curl --ftp-ssl --insecure -u 'myftp' -O "ftp://ftp.aveksa.com/ACM/V6.8.1/product_documentation/{$filesToDownload}"



Is sftp available on an Aveksa/RSA appliance?


Note that the SFTP application package is provided with both RedHat and SuSE Operating Systems.  No curl command is needed when using SFTP.   however, most customer ftp accounts are setup to access the Aveksa FTP over SSL server, not the SFTP server.  If there are any question about which server the account is setup on, please contact Aveksa Technical Support.



Additional information regarding directory naming conventions on Aveksa FTP server.


The directory/file locations for Aveksa products are fairly consistent.  Each main release or version has it's own directory. For example, amongst the versions found under the ACM root directory are:
 - V6.8.1
 - V6.5.2
 - V5.5.8


Under each of these versions, the following directories can typically be found.  The HotFixes directory will not exist for any release until the initial HF01 files are created.

 - HotFixes
 - iso
 - packages
 - product_documentation

Useful Knowledgebase References:

KB-1638 - Aveksa FTP site supports SSL
KB-1467 - How to identify which OS (Operating System) is installed

KB-1430 - Checking and starting the FTP service (vsftpd)




In the examples shown below, the username is assumed to be 'myftp'.  Also, in these examples, the user is prompted to enter the appropriate password,  it is not entered at the command line.  Customers will need to know their Aveksa FTP over SSL account credentials.  Most customer accounts are setup to use FTP overSSL by default.   If you have any questions about your account  setup, please do not hesitate to contact RSA/Aveksa Technical Support.

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