000027883 - KB-1665 How to Access the AFX logs

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AFX logs, mule_ee.log, AFX-CMD.log, AFX-TEST.log, artifacts
IssueKB-1665 How to Access the AFX logs
Aveksa Support has requested a copy of the AFX logs for diagnosis of a support issue.

Two options to get AFX logs:


From UI: Login into ACM as administrator. Navigate to AFX -> Logs.Click "Save Data" to export AFX log data. They are sorted by date (latest on top)

From command line: 


Login as oracle user. Navigate to location.

     $ cd   /home/oracle/AFX /mule-ee-3.2.1/logs


Logs for different modules can be found at following locations:


Logs location related to connector Setup:

Core AFX engine log:  /opt/AFX/mule-ee-3.2.1/logs/mule_ee.log

Connector setup log:  /opt/AFX/mule-ee-3.2.1/logs/mule.AFX-CTRL.log


Logs location related to connector Usage:

Core AFX engine log: /opt/AFX/mule-ee-3.2.1/logs/mule_ee.log

Requests sent from AFX to ACM and from AFX to Connectors:


Responses received from Connectors to AFX:


Logs related to test mode verification:



Logs related to "AFX Server" installation:



WebLogic and WebSphere: Mule server log is at /AFX /mule-ee-3.2.1/logs.Path to /AFX differs with installation of WebLogic and WebSphere.


To enable debug:


From UI: AFX > Settings > Edit > Check 3 boxes under 'AFX Debugging Information'


Debug info of a Connector: 




Debug info of request id which is returned in response to AFX:



Debug info of connection test between AFX and ACM:



AFX log file may be requested by Aveksa Technical Support during a support case related to AFX. These logs show transaction status (success/failure) and what was sent for processing through AFX. They are separate from server.log or aveksaServer.log.

AFX engine log is mule.AFX.log and connector setup log is AFX-CTRL.log. These logs are generated daily and renamed to <log-file>.<date> midnight.Thus multiple files for the same application can be present.


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