000029661 - RSA Archer: After Data Publication Job Failure, New Data Publication Jobs Cannot be Started

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Article Number000029661
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.5 SP2
IssueA Data Publication Job fails, however the status of the job still shows as Publishing:
Data Publishing Job Status

The Job Engine Manager shows no jobs currently running.
The "Run Data Publication Now" button is grayed out, and scheduled Data Publication jobs fail.

CauseAfter the initial fail, the Archer Instance database did not update the status of the job, which is still set as running. Archer will not run multiple instances of the same job simultaneously.  Because the database shows the job as running, a new one will not start.
ResolutionThe job status can be manually updated via SQL to re-enable the job to run either as scheduled or with the "Run Data Publication Now" button.
Workaround1. Verify that the Data Publication Job is not currently running.  The following SQL Query can be used to check for running jobs:
SELECT * FROM tblAsyncJobQueue WHERE JobType LIKE '%ReportingExportJob%' ORDER BY  EnqueuedDate DESC

2. Identify the instance of the Data Publication Job where the job status is not set to Completed, note the data_publication_id and data_publication_history_id fields.  The following SQL Query checks for any Data Publication Job which does not have status_id of 2 (2 indicates completed):
SELECT TOP(100) * FROM tblDataPublicationHistoryDetail WHERE status_id <>
2 ORDER BY data_publication_history_id DESC

3. Run a SQL Backup task to ensure that there is a point to recover/rollback to if needed
4. Use the following SQL Update command to manually set the Data Publication Job to a completed status (replace the bracketed fields with values noted in step 2):
UPDATE tblDataPublicationHistory SET status_id = 2 WHERE data_publication_id = <data_publication_id noted in step 2> AND data_publication_history_id = <data_publication_history_id noted in step 2>


UPDATE tblDataPublicationHistory SET status_id = 2 WHERE data_publication_id = 3 AND data_publication_history_id = 234

5. Refresh or close and re-open the Data Publication job and use the "Run Data Publication Now" button to test the Data Publication job