000028941 - KB-1264 Scheduled Collections and Database Statistics running at the same time

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Article Number000028941
Applies ToAffected Versions: All Versions
IssueCan the Database Statistics job time of 12:30am be changed?
CauseThe Database Statistics job, which appears on the Scheduling page of the Admin UI, is listed as running at 00:30:00 on a daily basis. When the 'edit' tab is selected, this job does not appear as an option which can be modified in any of the edit tabs. How can this time be modified? Does it 'matter' if other jobs overlap (ie run during that same time) the Database Statistics job?
ResolutionIn ACM versions 3.6.2 and lower, it is recommened that no collector jobs overlap with the Database Statistics job. In later versions, the code was modified to be able to better handle any potential overlap. It is not generally recommended by Engineering to change the scheduled run time of this job.
Regardless, if necessary, the way to modify the schedule time for this job is to edit the script found at:

The time the job runs is at the bottom of the script.
Make sure a backup of the original is made before editing.
After the edit is made, stop ACM agent and server, execute script and then start the ACM
The change can be noted in the UI on the schedule on the 'Next Scheduled Run Time' of this job.. not on the 'Start job'.

NotesNote that subsequent patches or upgrades to the ACM application may overwrite any custom changes made to this script. If this file is modified, it is worth documenting that change and reviewing the file after any updates or upgrades are applied.