000018834 - Remote Annex 4000 ACP fails with 'Node verification failed' error.

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Article Number000018834
Applies ToUnix system running Annex Host-Based software is listed Client in the ACE/Server
Annex 4000 ACP is not Client of the ACE/Server
Node Secret file (default name: securid) exists in the .../ace/data/ directory on the UNIX client.
Annex 4000 ACP
IssueShare Node Secret between ACE/Agent and Annex software
User receives "Access denied"
Error: "Node verification failed" in ACE/Server logs
Node secret file (securid) does not exist on the client
CauseThe ACE/Agent software has downloaded the Node Secret to the .../ace/data/ directory. The Annex software expects the Node Secret (securid) file to reside in the /var/ace/ directory. Although the ACE/Agent and the Annex software both support SecurID authentication, they are installed in different directories, and have no way of sharing the Node Secret once it has been downloaded.
ResolutionThe simplest way to solve this problem is to make a symbolic link on the UNIX machine from /var/ace to /ace/data.
For example:
        # ln -s .../ace/data /var/ace
WorkaroundAdded or modified the properties for the Annex 4000 ACP in the ACE/Server database.
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