000028075 - Queuing server drop-down is blank in the RSA Archer Control Panel.

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Article Number000028075
IssueQueuing service server value is blank in RSA Archer Control Panel even though the Queuing Service has been confirmed as running.
Queuing service server value is located under
Instance settings >
General tab >
Search Index section

Queuing service function / full text indexing is not interrupted by this issue.
Users are able to perform keyword searches in RSA Archer platform.
CauseThis issue is seen when any of the RSA Archer Configuration services associated with the instance is unable to confirm the RSA Archer Queuing service server heart beat / pulse in timely manner and makes the determination that the queuing service is no longer running.
The following causes have been identified for this issue:
  1. high volume processing
  2. network latency. 
  3. Network down time
  4. A Firewall blocking communication between a configuration service running on any server associated with the instance,  and the queuing service.

To prevent this issue from happening, please follow the steps below for each server running the Archer Configuration Service:


1-  Stop RSA Archer Configuration service. This will also stop other dependent RSA Archer services and should only be done during off-hours / maintenance period.

3-      Browse to the location \Program Files\RSA Archer\Services\ and look for file named: ArcherTech.Services.ConfigurationService.exe.config.

4-      Look for following section in this file (Section before the change will look like this):


            <ArcherConfigurationService applicationType="ConfigurationService" retryWaitInterval="5" retryAttempts="1" monitorAdministratorConnection="SqlDB" pulseNotificationInterval="5">

               <clientMessageServicePortRange lowerInclusive="13303" upperInclusive="13350" />



5-      Make a change to this section. Section after the change will look like below (change are in yellow and red text highlights):


            <ArcherConfigurationService applicationType="ConfigurationService" retryWaitInterval="5" retryAttempts="1" monitorAdministratorConnection="SqlDB" pulseNotificationInterval="0">

              <clientMessageServicePortRange lowerInclusive="13303" upperInclusive="13350" />


6-      Start RSA Archer services.

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