000029705 - Cannot apply AM 8.1 Sp1 patch due to special characters in OS user rsaadmin password

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Article Number000029705
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 8.1
Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1
Virtual Appliance
IssueTrying to Apply AM 8.1 Sp1 patch to virtual appliance and failed.
The advanced status view shows following error messages.
[INFO] Invoking config engine goal UpdateRollback:preUpdate
1      2015-02-25 08:55:16,729 INFO: Arguments: [UpdateRollback.preUpdate]
1322   2015-02-25 08:55:18,050 INFO: Will not attempt to fix line endings in patch source files
1370   2015-02-25 08:55:18,098 INFO: Script source dir: /tmp/rsa_update/installer/config/src/scripts
1371   2015-02-25 08:55:18,099 INFO: Patch Script source dir: /tmp/rsa_update/iso/rsa/scripts
1593   2015-02-25 08:55:18,321 INFO: Reading configuration from Config.groovy
2702   2015-02-25 08:55:19,430 INFO: Running task UpdateRollback.preUpdate
6917   2015-02-25 08:55:23,645 INFO: Executing free
7381   2015-02-25 08:55:24,109 INFO: Total Memory: 8194248 KB
7386   2015-02-25 08:55:24,114 INFO: Using memory category 8GB
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /opt/rsa/am/updates/backup
     [copy] Copying /tmp/rsa_update/iso/PatchManifest.xml to /opt/rsa/am/updates/backup/PatchManifest.xml
    [mkdir] Created dir: /opt/rsa/am/updates/backup/opt/rsa/am/utils/etc
8084   2015-02-25 08:55:24,812 INFO: Copying /opt/rsa/am/utils/etc/patchHistory.dat to /opt/rsa/am/updates/backup/opt/rsa/am/utils/etc/patchHistory.dat
8493   2015-02-25 08:55:25,221 INFO: Initialized patch properties
8498   2015-02-25 08:55:25,226 INFO: Patch execution mode is set to: UPDATE
8498   2015-02-25 08:55:25,226 INFO: Database started is set to: false
8501   2015-02-25 08:55:25,229 INFO: Retrieving platform specification.
Exception in thread "Main Thread" : exec returned: 1
                at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.ExecTask.runExecute(ExecTask.java:646)
                at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.ExecTask.runExec(ExecTask.java:672)
                at org.apache.tools.ant.taskdefs.ExecTask.execute(ExecTask.java:498)
                at org.apache.tools.ant.UnknownElement.execute(UnknownElement.java:291)
                at org.apache.tools.ant.dispatch.DispatchUtils.execute(DispatchUtils.java:106)
                at PatchUtils.execCommand(PatchUtils.groovy:568)
                at PatchUtils$execCommand.callCurrent(Unknown Source)
                at PatchUtils.setCurrentPlatformSpec(PatchUtils.groovy:878)
                at PatchUtils$setCurrentPlatformSpec.call(Unknown Source)
                at PatchUtils.initPatchProperties(PatchUtils.groovy:98)
                at PatchUtils$initPatchProperties.call(Unknown Source)
                at UpdateRollback$_preUpdate_closure1.doCall(UpdateRollback.groovy:12)
                at UpdateRollback$_preUpdate_closure1.doCall(UpdateRollback.groovy)
                at Utils.withArtifacts(Utils.groovy:48)
                at Utils$withArtifacts.call(Unknown Source)
                at UpdateRollback.preUpdate(UpdateRollback.groovy:9)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine.invokeScript(GroovyInstallEngine.groovy:68)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine$_runTask_closure2.doCall(GroovyInstallEngine.groovy:57)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine.runTask(GroovyInstallEngine.groovy:60)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine$_runTasks_closure3.doCall(GroovyInstallEngine.groovy:106)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine.runTasks(GroovyInstallEngine.groovy:105)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.GroovyInstallEngine$runTasks.call(Unknown Source)
                at com.rsa.plugins.install.CommandLineInstallEngine.main(CommandLineInstallEngine.groovy:40)
Configuration step UpdateRollback:preUpdate [FAILED] [ERROR] Error: Failed to invoke update engine: Failed to prepare the update.
java.lang.Exception: Failed to prepare the update.
                at com.rsa.am.updateengine.tasks.BaseUpdateEngineTask.doExecute(BaseUpdateEngineTask.java:56)
                at com.rsa.am.updateengine.tasks.Task.execute(Task.java:136)
                at com.rsa.am.updateengine.components.impl.TaskManagerImpl.doExecuteTask(TaskManagerImpl.java:86)
                at com.rsa.am.updateengine.components.impl.TaskManagerImpl.execute(TaskManagerImpl.java:41)
                at com.rsa.am.updateengine.components.impl.UpdateInstallerImpl.run(UpdateInstallerImpl.java:30)
[INFO] Invoking config engine goal UpdateRollback:postUpdate
0      2015-02-25 08:55:27,054 INFO: Arguments: [UpdateRollback.postUpdate]
1680   2015-02-25 08:55:28,734 INFO: Will not attempt to fix line endings in patch source files
1718   2015-02-25 08:55:28,772 INFO: Script source dir: /tmp/rsa_update/installer/config/src/scripts
1719   2015-02-25 08:55:28,773 INFO: Patch Script source dir: /tmp/rsa_update/iso/rsa/scripts
1882   2015-02-25 08:55:28,936 INFO: Reading configuration from Config.groovy
2840   2015-02-25 08:55:29,894 INFO: Running task UpdateRollback.postUpdate
6862   2015-02-25 08:55:33,916 INFO: Executing free
7320   2015-02-25 08:55:34,374 INFO: Total Memory: 8194248 KB
7325   2015-02-25 08:55:34,379 INFO: Using memory category 8GB
7371   2015-02-25 08:55:34,425 INFO: Patch execution mode is set to: PRE_PHASE_FAILED
7419   2015-02-25 08:55:34,473 INFO: Performing postUpdate task DeleteWeblogicServerCache (Delete Weblogic caches)
7419   2015-02-25 08:55:34,473 INFO: Skipping Delete_Weblogic_caches due to services still running condition
7420   2015-02-25 08:55:34,474 INFO: Performing postUpdate task ServiceControl (Start All Services)
7420   2015-02-25 08:55:34,474 INFO: Skipping Start_All_Services due to services still running condition
7421   2015-02-25 08:55:34,475 INFO: Removing temporary file with patch properties /tmp/patch-properties.tmp
Configuration step UpdateRollback:postUpdate [SUCCESS]
CauseSpecial characters are used in OS user rsaadmin's password.
Since the patch runs some shell script in the background and those special characters may break the shell script.
It is confirmed that '/' and '\' are causing the issue but other special characters may also have the impact.
It is suggested to use '.' (dot) as the special character for rsaadmin's password.
ResolutionIt is suggested to use '.' (dot) as the special character for rsaadmin's password. Customer can revert the password after they successfully applied the AM 8.1 SP1 patch.
1. Change rsaadmin's password from Operations Console - Administration - Change Operating System Password. Make sure '.' (dot) is the only special character in use.
2. SSH login to the appliance as rsaadmin (enable SSH from OC > Administration > Operating System Access)
3. cd /opt/rsa/am/utils/
4. ./rsautil -g
5. ./rsautil manage-secrets -a recover
6. cd ../server
7. ./rsaserv restart all
8. Apply the AM 8.1 SP1 patch, this time it should work.
9. Repeat the above steps on all instances.