000023035 - Localizing Deployment Manager/Web Express - a guide.

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Article Number000023035
Applies ToDeployment manager 1.3
Internet Explorer 6
IssueLocalizing Deployment Manager/Web Express - a short guide.

In this scenario we want to localize Deployment Manager for Italian locale as well as change the default home page for users to the Italian equivalent.


First establish the language short-name you are using ? this is the language you selected to use in your browser and appears in the HTTP header, in this case ?it?.


In the folder \install-dir\RSA Web Service\Tomcat\webapps\RSASWE\WEB-INF\classes\i18n, create a new folder called the initials of your language, i.e. it (Italian).

Then copy all of the files within the en_US folder into the new folder.


Rename all of the files within the new folder to mirror the language, for example, rename global_en_US.properties to global_it.properties and so on for all files.


To change the Options->Languages drop-down selection on the Deployment Manager web pages to reflect your new language choice: -


Edit the wrap_it.properties file located within the new \install-dir\RSA Web Service\Tomcat\webapps\RSASWE\WEB-INF\classes\i18n\it\ directory and change the wrap_language= from English to Italian.


To change the buttons on a specific page, go into the specific language folder (in our example 'it') and edit the page's properties file, such as WXUserRequestToken_it.properties and change the BUTTON DISPLAY ATTRIBUTES section. In this example,  we want to change the button word Cancel to Annullare, we just change brPageButtonsReq_buttonLabel0= from Cancel to Annullare. Also to change the language or wording of prompts,  edit the properties file as  before, i.e. WXUserRequestToken_it.properties and change the details within it.


In order to get your localized page to appear by default, the user's browser must have the language he/she wants to use, set as the highest priority within the browser (or the only language listed). In our example, in Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->Languages the language 'Italian ( Italy[it]' is at the top of the list.


Note: You MUST stop and restart the RSA Web Service and the World Wide Web Publishing Service after editing the properties file for the changes to take effect.

NotesPlease use this example as a guide for other languages.
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