000020189 - Cannot start ClearTrust Servers after a fresh install on Windows

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Article Number000020189
Applies ToRSA ClearTrust 5.0.1
Microsoft Windows
IssueCannot start ClearTrust Servers after a fresh install on Windows
After installing the ClearTrust Servers on a Windows box, the ClearTrust Servers can not be started through the batch files. It fails with the following message:
       "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: 5/0\lib"
CauseThe error happens because the "CT_ROOT" variable in the batch files (dispatcher.bat, eserver.bat, aserver.bat), is set to long filename convention. An example for an incorrect setting is shown below:

A typical good ClearTrust installation should have:
              set CT_ROOT=C:\PROGRA~1\RSA\CLEART~1.1
ResolutionThe exception error can be corrected by putting a double quote on the CT_ROOT variable as shown below:

               set CT_ROOT="C:\PROGRAM FILES\RSA\CLEARTRUST 5.0.1"

Another way is to set CT_ROOT to an 8.3 filename convention, that is:

              set CT_ROOT=C:\PROGRA~1\RSA\CLEART~1.1

To get the 8.3 filename convention, from a DOS prompt, type "dir /x" (shown below):

     C:\PROGRA~1\RSA>dir /x
     Volume in drive C has no label.
     Volume Serial Number is 0C48-BE35

     Directory of C:\PROGRA~1\RSA

     01/20/2003  12:45p      <DIR>                          .
     01/20/2003  12:45p      <DIR>                          ..
     01/20/2003  12:31p      <DIR>          CLEART~1        ClearTrust
     12/27/2002  10:00a      <DIR>          CLEART~1.0      ClearTrust 5.0
     02/07/2003  11:20a      <DIR>          CLEART~1.1      ClearTrust 5.0.1
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