000021402 - Certificate authentication problem unknown user error in RSA ClearTrust 5.5.2

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Article Number000021402
Applies ToSun Java System Web Server 6.1
RSA ClearTrust 5.5.2
Sun Solaris 2.8
IssueCertificate authentication problem unknown user error in RSA ClearTrust 5.5.2
Aserver log shows the following:

11:29:47:236 [*] [MUXWORKER-17] -       user: {CLIENT_VERSION=5, SC_GET_TOKEN_CONTENTS=true, SC_USER_DN=/C=US/O=CAISO/OU=Test/CN=CTUser_Valid3, SC_CERT=true, AUTHENTICATION_TYPE=SC_USER_CHECK, SC_CLIENT_IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, SC_SECURID_STATUS=127, SC_END_USER_IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx}
Admin GUI cert DN shows the following:

C=US, O=CAISO, OU=Test, CN=CTUser_Valid3
CauseThe cert DNs differ by the delimiter of either "/" or ","
ResolutionWithin the webagent.conf file there is the following entry:

# Sets the delimiter used to separate user certificate DN attributes.
# Attributes may be delimited with '/' instead of the usual comma ','. In order
# for certificate authentication to work properly in this case, the delimiter
# must be converted to ',' to match the certificate DN value configured in the
# RSA ClearTrust data store.
# Allowed Values:
#   True     Convert the DN delimiter from '/' to ','.
#   False    Leave the DN delimiter as is.

Set the parameter to true to convert the cert DN delimiter value
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