000022928 - Cert-C: Porting Cert-C and CodeBase database

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Article Number000022928
Applies ToCert-C
IssueCert-C: Porting Cert-C and CodeBase database

CodeBase version 6.4 is used in Cert-C. The CodeBase source is not distributed with Cert-C.  If you are porting to a new platform, you must obtain the CodeBase source from Sequiter Software.  The following section from the Cert-C 2.0.1 Release Notes describes Cert-C's use of CodeBase:

RSA BSAFE Cert-C 2.0.1 Release Notes, p. 23

Source Code User's Notes

The Cert-C 2.0.1 distribution contains a complete set of sources and libraries that allow
customers to customize or enhance their service provider library for linking with Cert-C
applications. Because of source code redistribution restrictions, RSA Security cannot
provide you with the source for the database engine used by the "default database
provider" in the provider/db/rsa directory. Due to dependencies on some of these
source files, it is also not possible to compile the sources for the Cert-C LDAP Database
service provider (provider/db/ldap), although the sources, as well as precompiled
objects, for this provider are included.

If you want to acquire the source code for the Cert-C Default Database service provider,
contact Sequiter Software Inc. at 780-437-2410 or http://www.sequiter.com/ .

The CodeBase version that RSA Security licenses and distributes with Cert-C 2.0.1 in
object form is "CodeBase Version 6.4 for UNIX" and "CodeBase Version 6.4 for Win32
Platforms." RSA Security provides both the "glue code" to integrate CodeBase into the
Cert-C provider architecture, as well as a Microsoft Studio project file used to build
CodeBase. Only two modifications were made to the CodeBase source itself to integrate
it with the Cert-C architecture. They are the following:

? In the file c4hook.c, the function named error4hook() must be uncommented.

? In the file d4all.h, the #define statements for S4WIN32, S4OFF_REPORT, and
S4OFF_TRAN must be uncommented.

You may use the CodeBase software only with the Cert-C product. If you would like to
use the CodeBase software for any other purpose, you must license it directly from
Sequiter Software Inc.

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