000023562 - How to install JRun update for Quick Admin 5.1

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Article Number000023562
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server 5.1 (no longer supported as of 7-14-2006)
RSA ACE/Server Quick Admin
JRun 3.1
IssueHow to install JRun update for Quick Admin 5.1
ResolutionRSA ACE/Server 5.1 ships with JRun 3.1, and there is a post-release update for JRun. The RSA ACE/Server Installation Guide refers to this JRun update. Prior to installing Quick Admin, please refer to the UNIX ACE/Server Installation Guide, page 106, or the NT ACE/Server Installation Guide, page 67, for more information regarding this update.

1. Please download the patch for JRun from the below link:

Patch:  ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-31-win-upgrade-us.exe

Instructions:  ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-readme.txt

2. Download the patches from the below FTP URLs and apply them to an existing installation of JRun:

JRun 3.0:
 UNIX - ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-30-unix-upgrade-en_53843.sh
 Windows - ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-30-win-upgrade-en_53843.exe

JRun 3.1:
 UNIX - ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-31-unix-upgrade-us.sh
 Windows - ftp.rsasecurity.com/support/Patches/Ace/JRun/jrun-31-win-upgrade-us.exe

NOTE: Back up your existing files before making changes. As always, test the changes in a non-production environment before applying the changes to production servers.

3. Applying the JRun update:
 a. Stop the WWW Web Publishing service. Stop and JRun default and admin services.
 b. Run the JRun update patch. Re-run the connector wizard in the JRun Management Console.

 Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) - copy /jrun/connectors/isapi/intel-win/jrun.dll to the /inetpub/scripts directory. The connector wizard for iPlanet/Netscape servers, by default, reference the connector under the JRun /jrun/connectors directory structure.

 iPlanet/Netscape - the JRun connector wizard modifies obj.conf and references the JRun installation  /jrun/connectors/nsapi/[OS]/  directory  (nsapi_jrun35.dll/so) **

 For Netscape/iPlanet: The JRun connector wizard by default will create entries in the obj.conf (IPlanet/Netscape) and reference the appropriate connector under the JRun installation directory structure. If the JRun connector .so was moved for whatever reason and the obj.conf entries no longer reference the JRun /connectors/ directory, do the following:

- Copy the new connector from the /jrun/connectors/nsapi/[OS]/ directory to the location referenced in the obj.conf
- Restart the Web server

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do not install the Quick Admin on the RSA ACE/Server.
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