000017915 - Change UPPERCASE filenames to lower case so sdsetup does not silently abort during ACE/Server installation on UNIX

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Article Number000017915
Applies ToUNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
RSA ACE/Server
IssueChange UPPERCASE filenames to lower case so sdsetup does not silently abort during ACE/Server installation on UNIX
How to run sdsetup to install RSA ACE/Server on UNIX
Initial (new) installation of ACE/Server
sdsetup aborts with no errors or informational messages after user enters the location of the top-level ACE directory path
The four required files (license.rec, server.cer, server.key, and sdti.cer) are present in the installation directory, but the filenames are in uppercase (LICENSE.REC, etc) rather than the required lowercase
CauseThe four required files were copied from the supplied license diskette when the diskette was mounted as a PCFS partition. This caused all the filenames on the diskette to be rendered in uppercase. Since filenames in UNIX are case sensitive, the sdsetup program aborted because it was looking for lowercase versions of license.rec, server.cer, etc.
ResolutionTo fix this problem, use the UNIX mv command to change the names of the four required files in the ACE/Server installation directory from uppercase to lowercase, and then re-invoke sdsetup. The following example, which uses a top-level ACE/Server installation directory called ACE_ROOT, demonstrates how to do this:

# cd /var/ACE_ROOT
# mv LICENSE.REC license.rec
# mv SERVER.CER server.cer
# mv server.key server.key
# mv SDTI.CER sdti.cer
# /cdrom/cd_name/aceserver/platform/sdsetup -primary
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