000018462 - How to migrate Unix ACE/Server to an NT ACE/Server

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Article Number000018462
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
Microsoft Windows
IssueMigrate UNIX ACE/Server to a Windows ACE/Server
Instructions needed to migrate a UNIX ACE/Server to an NT Server
1.  In Database Administration on the UNIX ACE/Server, create a user on the
    ACE/Server that is realm admin with the username that is identical to the
    username that will be doing the install of ACE/Server on the Windows machine.

2.  Stop the Primary(Master) from the /"Path"/ace/prog directory:

    ./aceserver stop
    ./sdconnect stop

3.  With the Primary(Master) stopped, back up the Primary(Master) /"Path"/ace/data directory. Keep
    this in a SAFE location.

4.  cd to the /"Path"/ace/prog directory.

5.  Run /"Path"/ace/prog/sddump -s (this will create a file called sdserv.dmp in

6.  Copy the sdserv.dmp and the license.rec files from the /"Path"/ace/data
    directory to a SAFE location (these files can be used in an emergency to
    recover your database, so be careful where you store them).

   (You can now start the UNIX ACE/Server services  ./sdconnect
   start  ./aceserver start )

7.  On the Windows Server, start a new install of ACE/Server.

8.  Start the ACE/Server by going to Control Panel > ACE/Server, and clicking

9.  Run Database administration to make sure the install is complete. ( Optionally
   add a user and test authenticate).

10. Stop the ace server.

11. Run ace\prog\sdnewdb.exe ( this will clear the database).

12. Copy the sdserv.dmp and license.rec from the UNIX Primary(Master) "safe" directory to
     the Windows C:\ace\prog.

13. Run C:\ace\prog\sdload.exe (this will import the ace database).

14. On the UNIX machine, run ace/prog/aceserver -stop.

15. On the Windows machine, start the aceserver.

16. Run database administration to make sure the Agents (Clients), users and tokens are
    all imported.

17. If the IP address of the ACE server changes, generate a new sdconf.rec and distribute to all Agents(Clients)
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