000025557 - How to install and activate RSA ACE/Server Replica on UNIX: QuickNotes

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Article Number000025557
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server for UNIX
UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris)
IssueHow to install and activate RSA ACE/Server Replica on UNIX: QuickNotes
Resolution1. Set the environment variables
How to setenvironment variables for RSAACE/Server and RSA Authentication Manager

2. Configure the services file
How to configure services file for RSA ACE/Server

3. Configure shared memory and semaphores
error: 'unable to set ulimit to 4194303  errno=1..'
How to modify kernel parameters on HP-UX
Calculating kernel parameters for semaphores - what are the requirements when using Remote Administration sessions?
How to Modify Kernel Parameters on Solaris

4. Generate a Replica-Package on the Primary server, and copy it to the $REP_ACE directory on the Replica
What is a Replica Packageand how togenerate one in RSA ACE/Server running on UNIX platforms?

5. From the top level installation directory path to cdrom and run 'sdsetup -replica'

6. To activate authentication on the Replica, after installation is complete, from the $USR_ACE directory, run './sdconfig -config', or 'sdsetup -config'. Answer "Yes" to 'Do you want to configure an acting Master server?' and add the Replica's name as the Master server.
Enable or disable Authentication on Primary and Replica servers.

7. To activate authentication on the replica, start ACE/Server administration (sdadmin) on the Primary, and select Agent Host from the Main Menu, select 'Add Agent Host', select "Add Agent Host' add the replica as an agent host. Select Assign Acting Servers, assign the Replica server as a Master server, you may also assign a Slave server here. Directory activate a user, or activate a group on the Agent Host for the Replica.

8. Start the Primary and the Replica, if Allow DB-Push is enabled then the primary will resend a copy of the database to the Replica, shutdown the Replica, and Restart it using the new copy of the database
What is a DB-Push and how is it initiated?

9. Test Authenticate by running sdshell
How DB-Push Works.
How to push a Replica Package to a Windows Replica manually
How to push a Replica Package to a Windows Replica manually
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